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Why hello there newbie!

Welcome to my blog – I’m Jo and this is a peek inside my world through the lens of my iphone… get it? iCurvy. 

I blog about clothes – fashion trends, bargain hunting, styling, and the occasional tid-bit about my life. From more about me – head on over the page dedicated to the very subject : About Me


So what’s there to do around here?

I buy stuff – then post about it. Sizing reviews, fit guides, sales, photos of a ‘me’ shaped person in the clothes. It’s all here. Well – not on this page – but generally here on the blog. Just click iReview and you can read it all and window shop to your heart’s content! 

I love participating in Fashion and Style Challenges. 

Each November I run a fashion challenge – Shop What You Got – where you style and restyle a capsule collection of just 30 items for the month of November. It’s a great way to flex your styling muscles and get you thinking about the clothes you already own instead of always looking for something new. Read more about Shop What You Got here. 

I participate in the Aussie Curves Challenges – Aussie Curves, founded by Dani from is a plus size weekly fashion challenge for fashionistas from Australia and New Zealand.
Want to read my Aussie Curves Posts? Click Aussie Curves 

If you’re looking to jump right into reading some posts – let me know what you’re in the mood for… 

Fashion style and outfits

  • iWear and iReview will have plenty to get you started
  • Wednesday’s Wild about… Look at hot trends, how I wear them and where you can find them
  • Wear It Her Way – is where I take items from the back of my closet that don’t get as much wear as they should – I search for some outfit pinspiration (on Pinterest) and recreate outfit ideas… 

More about me

  • What is an Inbetweenie? is a great place to start as I talk about what the term means to me… Who knows – maybe you are one too
  • I’ve lost a lot of weight and people are always interested in the story. I initially wrote this post focussed more on my journey with body acceptance, but recently shared the whole health journey here

More about my life

  • I sometimes share my ‘mum’ moments – well, because of you don’t laugh, you cry. Read a funny little story about humility here. Ok, poo, it’s about poo. 
  • My Wedding and My Trash the Dress – I got married in Fiji in 2010 and who doesn’t love gawking at wedding pics!
  • I had a birth photographer when I had my daughter, Indigo. It was an incredible experience and I shared some images here

Shopping tips and life hacks 

  • There is an Inbetweenie Shopping Guide under construction at the moment. Stay tuned for that one folks!! 
  • I’ve done a few How-To guides including How To Host a Clothes Swap. I had so much fun doing mine and I can’t encourage you enough to host one of your own! 
  • You might also find something interesting in my Tips and Tricks Tuesday series – I’ve got everything from Making your own DIY Jewellery Storage Wall to Making oriental dumpling from leftover roast pork to How to use Instagram for Style Inspiration… It’s a random bunch so hopefully you’ll find something that floats your boat! 

Interested in something else? Just let me know via the iContact page and I’ll do my very darndest.
Are you a brand that would like to work with me? HI! Please contact me via the iContact Page.

8 thoughts on “New here?

  1. Hi Jo,
    I have just recently finished 18 weeks of chemotherapy and am now undergoing 8 weeks of radiotherapy. My diagnosis is cure and am looking forward to feeling “normal”. I actually believe that me being plus sized has helped me in my recovery!
    Being plus sized most of my life, I too have finally come to accept my body type and figure and that being “bigger” than the norm is ok.
    What a breath of fresh air to finally find someone who understands that not all plus size women want to wear shapeless and UGLY clothes!! Woo hoo!! AND you know where to find fantastic clothes.
    I have a baptism for 5 of my god children in June and a nephews 21st in October. Every shop seems to be filled with dark or black dresses..Boring!! After chemo I really want coloured fitted dresses. What I am dying to find is a red lace dress..mid calf length, sleeved or capped sleeved.. Lined..and just gorgeous.. Have you any idea where I could find one in a size 20?
    Any point in an direction would be greatly appreciated!!



    1. Hi Hine!

      Wow, what a journey you have been on! I wish you all the very best for your recovery… I’ve done some digging and have a couple of options for you.

      When I want va-va-Voom and sexy lace dresses I always think of Kiyonna. They are based in the US, postage is a little pricey, but I’ve only ever heard great things about them… You can usually dig up good discount codes too… I think SNAP20 will get you 20% off at the moment…

      Ok this one is super sexy! Technically it’s a red dress with black lace details, but it’s stunning!

      Another sexy number with black lace sleeves and a v-neck

      This one is burgundy with black lace overlay all over

      The lining is magenta on this one – but the shape is a little different – fit and flare as opposed to bodycon, fit and flare is almost universally flattering…

      This one has bell sleeves and is fit and flare, red lining with black lace overlay.

      Scarlett and Jo at Evans had a beautiful lace dress a little while ago, but it’s disappeared now unfortunately, but I did find this one on their website. Based in the UK, the postage is reasonable. It’s a beautiful coral colour lining and coral lace too

      If online is not your thing, City Chic released this dress this week so it’s hot off the press, but unfortunately it’s sleeveless.

      ASOS has to be one of my favorite online places to shop, especially since their returns are SO EASY and cheap, so no harm in ordering a few dresses, or sizes, and returning what doesn’t work. ASOS options include this three quarter sleeve and midi length in a deep red.

      Long sleeves and unusual lace, not of a different shape with a swing dress –

      Another swing dress – it’s not a shape that I generally wear – but pads of girls look great in a swing – this dress has cap sleeves and I love the circular lace – different from floral lace

      I will keep my eye out on my online travels and let you know if I come across anything else! Let me know how you go gorgeous!


    1. Hi Sandra

      I’m sorry but I’m not a store and you can’t buy anything from me directly… This a style/fashion blog, where I share the things that I wear and find. When I wear something and show pictures on my blog or Instagram, I try to give links to where you are able to buy clothes directly from where I got them from. Good luck!


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