Inbetweenie Tribe

I try to cater to all sizes on my blog, and I absolutely believe that great style has nothing to do with size. 

This page, however is dedicated to my tribe – the Inbetweenies.

For a few years now, I’ve been an inbetweenie. Sized out of designer clothes and boutiques,  but also too small for speciality plus size stores – Inbetweenies tend to find themselves caught between standard and plus size fashion. While it can be a challenge, it can also be a great benefit – by picking the right pieces you can have the best of both worlds.

Not only do different stores cater to different sizing – no matter what your size you’ve no doubt faced the frustration of the huge size variation between stores. Add to this that fact that plus size and standard sized clothes are graded and cut differently and start and finish at all different points – no wonder it’s a bit hazy out there! I’ve done my best to try and clear the fog by developing an Inbetweenie Shopping Guide. Based on my experience and opinion, I’ve graded different brands against each other which will hopefully make it easier to work out what size you might be in different store! 

By sticking together, owning the ‘inbetweenie’ label and sharing our fashion finds, our tribe can make sure more stores sit up and pay attention to the Inbetweenie. 

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What is an Inbetweenie? 

Inbetweenie Shopping Guide – comparing how different labels size up against each other