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Thank you so much for visiting my blog! 

I’m Jo, a new mum in my early thirties living on the South Coast of NSW. 

I’m an Inbetweenie – walking the line between plus size and standard size fashion – trying to find clothes that are the right fit for my curves. I don’t pay a lot of attention to the little sizing tag on my clothes – I have things ranging from a size 12 to 20 – which should be proof that that tag really doesn’t mean much these days. If you want to read more about being an Inbetweenie – you can read all about it here… 

I’ve had a complicated relationship with my body and I’ve been on a long journey – both of body acceptance and health-wise. You can read about my health journey here. One thing you will not read here is body negativity. A few years ago, I banned myself from talking negatively about my own body – I used to say things to myself that were horrid. I would never ever dream of saying those things to other people, and never stand for someone saying those things about a friend – and one day it dawned on me… Why, then, was I willing to say those things about myself? And from that day, I stopped. I can tell you that my relationship with my body has changed incredibly since making that one small change. Over time, it actually changed the way I think and feel about my body. It’s not a perfect body, but it’s my body, and I am happy. Genuinely happy. Just the way I am. 

I have been bigger, I have been smaller – but my wardrobe has always been fabulous. 

I describe myself as a ‘trend trier’ as I like to stay on top of current trends and try different ways to make them work for my body. I am a shop-a-holic with a serious online shopping addiction. I have Shopping Carts all over the internet filled with wish list items, just waiting for a discount code or sale. When I come across a great discount code – I like to pay it forward and share it on my Facebook page

This (the blog etc) all started with Instagram. It’s my favourite form of social media. If you are looking for loads of outfit pictures – instagram is the place to find mine! I play along with Styling You’s #everydaystyle and try to take pictures of my outfits everyday so there’s plenty of stuff on my Instagram account that you won’t find here on the blog. Find me (@icurvy) here! I also love to connect with other Inbetweenies with the #inbetweenie and I run an Inbetweenie style showcasing account @inbetweenie_style

If you’re new around here – I’ve got a whole page dedicated to you to help you navigate your way around the blog and find out when at there is to read around here… 


All opinions, content and photos on this blog are my own, unless expressly stated otherwise and you can access my disclosure policy here

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi,
    I just found your blog and wanted to complement you on your alternative, flattering and funky dress sense for both work and play – I adore absolutely everything you wear that is posted and am now addicted!…. If only I had your searching abilities.
    I simply cannot stand some of the manky, poorly designed plus size clothing out there, but you have managed to not only have GREAT dress sense, but located it also.
    Where abouts are you based as I noticed you do a lot of overseas purchasing but also mentioned Australian plus size brands?!
    Keep up the good work, I’ll be re-visiting.

    1. Hi Victoria!

      Thanks for your comment. I’m on the South Coast of NSW, about an hour south of Sydney in Australia.

      I’m passionate about finding on-trend clothes and helping plus size women to see all the options out there. When I was a teenager, I don’t remember any shops that catered for me – young and plus sized – these days there are so many options – and yes, you do have to spend a little more time searching for it – but there are fantastic stylish clothes out there for plus size women 🙂 and my husband will tell you – I’m on a mission to own them all 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words – I’m glad you have enjoyed reading and looking at my outfits

  2. Hi Jo, Ooooo… Your from the south coast, about an hour south of Sydney? Wollongong? Kiama? Or further south?. Main reason I ask is because I’m curious what Kmart you go to 😉 cause I’m not too far from that area.

    In a comment I posted earlier today you replied and mentioned something about the UK. Did you live there for a bit? I only arrived back from London on Wednesday.

    1. Hi Kate,

      Generally I go to Figtree Kmart – although the new Shellharbour Kmart is pretty fab – and not too far of a drive 🙂

      I live in the UK from 2005 – 2007. In London (North London – Alexandra Palace). I was technically a flashpacker – I went over to backpack, loved it, got some great jobs and took off for travels as often as I could. I met my hubby on holidays snowboarding in France, it turned out he lived in London (South London – Wimbledon so the commute was terrible until we moved in together), when my visa ran out, we both came back to Australia and moved to Wollongong (where he was originally from).

      Where did you live in London?

      1. That is sooooo funny. My boyfriend and I have lived in Wimbledon for the last six and a half years. And my sister lives in Wollongong, where her husband grew up (well towradgi to be exact). Will have to checkout those kmarts next time I’m down that way. I managed to find those sandals in Kmart (the ones in your $50 outfit challenge) and I love them 🙂

      2. Jo, did you work with me at Accenture? I’m in Melbs now with Aussie husband.
        Lots of love Claire xx

    1. Hi Kate!!

      Well didn’t you prompt me to get my butt into gear! I now have both 😉

      You can subscribe to my blog via the left hand sidebar – there’s a bit to put in your email address then click ‘I want to’ to subscribe.

      I’m a newbie to twitter, but my handle is @iCurvy_World

      Thanks so much for stopping by, and commenting, and giving me the motivation to get myself sorted out xxx

  3. Hi JoJo
    I just join Pinterest and I am happy that I discovered you on there . Then got your web site.
    You have a real gift for fashion and i really enjoy your board on what you wore. you are very beautiful and I love the way you dress.You are very talented , pretty and have a great personality. Keep shopping and blogging.

  4. Hi Jo

    I’m a 46 year old slightly larger than size 16, not quite 18 (I remain hopeful) and live on the Far Far South Coast of NSW. I depend on online shopping but really love to shop Australian labels. Can you suggest some great Aussie labels that cater for my size?

    Also (now I’m really pushing it), it’d be great to find some funky retro/vintage style clothes that aren’t either the 50s/rockabilly size nor hippy style that suit my size.

    Why can’t we too have cool stuff made from amazing fabrics and unusual prints?

    I love your blog and have am an avid follower of you on Instagram.

    1. Hi Kate

      Sounds like your looking for a curvy version of Gorman! I wish!!

      I’m going to write you up a full post because there are a number of different options that might hit the mark for you – but immediately you have to check out PhoSizzle Threads. Quirky prints, retro styling – but not rockabilly or hippy. Most things are available in sizes 6-20 and she’s got some great sales on at the moment. http://phosizzlethreads.com use Monkey16 at the checkout for 40% off (excluding the newest collections) until 14/2

      I’ll be in touch when I’ve got all the options listed out for you


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