Does LipSense Actually work? A sceptic’s review

So, let’s be SUPER clear upfront. I am not affiliated, compensated, or sponsored in any way by LipSense. And I want to make this clear, not because I am usually unclear, but because it’s so damn hard to find an online review that feels totally honest, with no vested interests. 

How I got mine: I heard all the hype online and decided to try myself. I searched on Facebook for a local distributor (turns out there was one in a local online mothers group I’m part of) so I bought some off her. I paid full price, and did not tell her that I had a blog or wanted to write a review. 

So what is LipSense?

The hype says that it’s smudge proof, long wearing lip colour – like up to 12 hours or something CRAZY like that. I generally follow the rule that if it seems too good to be true it usually is. But the allure of perfect red lips kept drawing me back, and I decided to give it a go on the off-chance that it worked. 

I purchased a ‘Starter Pack’ containing 2 colours, a remover and a gloss (there was a promotion for a lip scrub and glittery holder/case as well). 

I went with a pinky nude (Pink Champagne) and a bold red (Blu Red). I got the Glossy gloss. 

How does it work?

You apply three thin coats of the colour, allowing it to dry in between, then apply the gloss. The remover is there in case you make a mistake. 

There are literally hundreds of videos online showing you the best technique for applying LipSense – look one up before applying so you get the best application. 

The first coat tingles a bit as you put it on, but stops upon drying. It feels a bit tacky before it drys and you have to keep your lips apart. Once I finished my three sweeps of colour, my lips gel very dry. I then applied the gloss and they were much better. The gloss is a bit thicker than I ideally like, but it felt hydrating, and my lips could easily rub together. The colour intensifies after applying the gloss (probably due to hydration but who knows!). 

What did I want from this lipstick?

I think before I judge it’s performance, I need to be really clear about what I was looking for:

  1. No lipstick on my teeth
  2. No transfer of colour onto everything I touched
  3. Doesn’t go everywhere when I eat
  4. Long wearing – no need to constantly check and reapply
  5. Not carrying around lipstick all the time

So this is the criteria I will be using to judge the performance. I always, always, always end up with lipstick on my teeth – it’s drives me batty; and I’m a bit of a mess, so red lippy usually ends up on bloody everything I touch – I also hate that I can’t kiss my daughter or hubby without leaving a big scarlet mark on them! I’m also frequently eating and snacking and it’s a real pain when I wear a bold lip to be constantly getting colour everywhere while I eat, and having to constantly fix/reapply after every drink or snack. 

The claim from LipSense is that their colour lasts 4-18 hours. 

When I do wear a bold lip, I feel like I’m constantly checking it and doing touch-ups and reapplying. It takes up my attention as well as my time throughout the day – and really takes away from that feeling of being ‘effortlessly bold’. I also loose stuff all the time, so ideally I’d love not to be carrying around lipstick; worried I’m going to loose it. 

How did it perform?

 So I’ve got a little photo journal of my day wearing Blu Red. I first tried the Pink Champagne and was surprisingly impressed – but it was super hard to tell the exact wear-and-tear on the colour with a nude. 

So I braved the bright red, on a work day, with meetings and a work picnic lunch. 

unbiase sceptics review of lipsense by icurvy australia blu red

7:30am – looking perfect. You know those crazy videos of girls rubbing their lips on things after they put it on and it not budging – well, they was my experience too. After so carefully applying the colour and throwing on some gloss, I was quite tentative at first with testing it – but seriously, it really did what those videos show.

Kissed my daughter and hubby goodbye – no transfer. Not a smidge of colour. They both got a little clear gloss. The gloss does come off when you rub your lips – but it’s clear. 

unbiased sceptics review of lipsense by icurvy australia blu red

Forgot I was wearing it and used my teeth to hold a tie in my dress – not one stitch of colour on the dress. 

unbiased sceptics review of lipsense by icurvy australia blu red

9:00am – arrive at work. Ate coffee and toast in the car – colour has not moved, ZERO lipstick on my teeth. Feeling a bit dry so I reapply some gloss. A quick swipe of my bottom lip, rub them together and ready to go. 

This sceptic is very happy at this point. Top be honest – to go 2 hours without transfer despite kissing, inadvertent wiping, and eating – and not having to wipe colour off my front teeth once is a huge win for me. 

unbiased sceptics review of lipsense by icurvy australia blu red
11:30am – action shot running to a meeting. Second coffe consumed – still perfect. More gloss put on. 

unbiased sceptics review of lipsense by icurvy australia blu red
1pm – back at my desk after a work picnic-lunch. I ate half a roast beef roll (it was huge). One or two flecks of colour transferred to the bun while I was eating, but didn’t effect the look of my lips. I also ate a cupcake, and started a can of Diet Coke. So far so good, 

unbiased sceptics review of lipsense by icurvy australia blu red
3pm – second cupcake had been consumed and my soft drink was finished. Apart from gloss, I haven’t reapplied anything. I put in the gloss when my lips start to feel dry – probably every 1.5-2 hours or so. I was pretty surprised that the Coke didn’t have more of an effect. Although it has worn away right in the corner of my mouth (in the interest of an honest review – I drank straight from the can – no straw). 

unbiased sceptics review of lipsense by icurvy australia blu red

5pm – so my colour is still totally passable – up close I can see the wear, especially on the inside/inner parts of my lips, but you can really see that from a normal distance. 

unbiased sceptics review of lipsense by icurvy australia blu red

Here’s a better shot – mind you it is over 9 hours since I first put it on, and I’ve eaten and talked all day. Excuse the duck face – I’m trying to find a way to show you guys…

unbiased sceptics review of lipsense by icurvy australia blu red

I had to use the remover to get the rest of it off, it required a bit of scrubbing on my part – I wish I had a makeup removal wipe – but I was just using a tissue. 

My lips feel fine – I was worried they would feel damaged or dried out – but nothing really. 

The Verdict

So, based on my criteria of what I wanted: 

No lipstick on my teeth: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Such good peace of mind that I don’t have to constantly check. I love that about this product. 

No transfer of colour: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

No stains on clothes, kids or hubby. Very happy. 

Wearability for eating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Really could not believe how well it held up to good and drink. 

Long wearing: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

I got about 7 hours of perfect wear, and another couple of passable wear on top of that. Being a very bold colour, I’m super happy with that. I did have to apply the gloss every hour or so – but that’s easy and painless to do – I didn’t even need a mirror. 

Not carrying around lipstick all the time: ⭐️

This is really the only area that the system fails for me personally as I still have to carry around the gloss and apply that on a regular basis, which means I still spend my day trying not to loose the gloss. 

Things I don’t like:

When I first started reading up on LipSense they had a HUGE range of colours – they’ve cut that back now which I think is a good thing. Too much choice when you really can’t go in-store and try it on was just confusing – but that leads me to the two things I don’t like about LipSense. Firstly – you can’t really try on a whole heap of colours. I did make an appointment with my cousultant and she swatched out a whole heap of colours for me on her arm (so I didn’t walk around with a striped arm for days) and she was super patient, and helpful. I tried one on, and changed my mind several times about which colours to get. But unless you live locally with a gem consultant like mine – it’s hard to know what colour is right for you. 

I also don’t like that it’s a pyramid scheme type arrangement – although they will probably hate me describing it like that! I haven’t personally felt any pressure at all from my consultant to start selling the product – there are a lot of posts in the Facebook group about ‘joining the team’ and becoming a consultant, and online I few other reviewers have felt pressured very quickly. I think I should probably put a disclaimer in this bit that I really hate this kind of business model – it’s a personal peeve of mine. But if you don’t mind it, it’s not going to be a negative in your book. 

Final thoughts

This sceptic, I hate to admit, is pretty impressed. 

I will continue to wear it, and probably invest in a few more colours – although I think I’ll stick to mainly bold colours as this is really where LipSense shines in terms of wearability and addressing issues with other products on the market. Although I didn’t get the 18hours wear, I did get a really solid 7+ hours out of a bright red despite eating and drinking; and had no transfer onto teeth/clothes/food/people – which is a win in my book. 

Have you heard about it/tried it? 

I’d be keen to hear the experiences of others. 

Notes: So in considering the product performance, I’ve compared it to my regular lipstick’s performance rather than the company claims or hype. I haven’t compared it to my dream (non existent) perfect coloured lips – because I wanted to do a real comaprison of what’s actually available vs my experience of this product. 

8 thoughts on “Does LipSense Actually work? A sceptic’s review

  1. I just blogged about women and MLM earlier this week- it’s something that really targets and exploits women in more ways than one. On the lippy- it looks great. I’m not sure how exxy it is but I achieve very similar results with Rimmel Colourstay. It is colour at one end and gloss on the other. No need for three coats, one is sufficient to get me through a 12 hour shift at work! Costs like 12 bucks.

  2. I went to a Lipsense party and put a line of each colour I liked on my hand, once I decided which colour I wanted to apply I did the same application as you described. I was shocked at the excessive price for the starter kit and thought I’d put it to the test, I ate fruit and cheese n crackers, had glasses of champers etc within 2.5hrs it had rubbed off from the inside.
    Needless to say I did not purchase any products as my Avon lippy had done the same thing.

  3. I use a Maybelline lipstick and gloss that does the same thing…been using it for years now and only use a regular lipstick to brush up on the “gloss” if I need to….I love them!! Not seen this brand before so I may look for it here in NZ!
    I use as a very good sunblock too while out riding my bike….doesn’t come off and I look good! Lol!

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