Treat yo self at home: HoMedics Review 

There’s nothing better than escaping for a little bit of pampering. However… getting an hour to myself is hard enough without going all the way to a salon, trying to find a park, waiting around for it to be finally your turn… well HoMedics is helping to cut out the middleman and maximize your ‘me time’ with pro technology in your very own home.

I’m not that hairy and it’s fairly light – I’m lucky like that… but it also makes me very lazy. I’ll be out and about wearing a dress, the sunshine will hit my legs and BAM it’s like blonde yeti-town down there! I’ve always dreamed about getting laser, but the hassle and all those appointments just seemed like too much effort. So when HoMedics offered me the chance to review their IPL laser hair removal system I jumped at the chance.
But this beauty is OH SO MUCH MORE! It’s also a skin rejuvenation laser – again a treatment I’ve always wanted to try, but never have.

Homedics Duo Pro Review by iCurvy - at home skin rejuvination and laser hair removal

The device comes with three attachments – two for hair removal (one body and one for your face), one for facial rejuvenation. 

Homedics Duo Pro Review by iCurvy - at home skin rejuvination and laser hair removal

Apart from my eyebrows, I don’t wax any of my face, but it’s nice to have the facial hair laser attachment as insurance, just in case it becomes an issue.  So for this review – I’ll be testing out the skin rejuvenation laser on my face and neck; and the Laser Hair removal on my legs. 

Facial rejuvenation Review

Homedics Duo Pro Review by iCurvy - at home skin rejuvination and laser hair removal

What is it supposed to do?
Pulsed light stimulates the production of new collagen fibres – which is what gives your skin tone. Reported results include:

  • Even out wrinkles
  • Skin appearing brighter 
  • Skin feeling smoother
  • Improvements in skin conditions like pigmentation, spotting, and redness. 

How long did it take? 
Doing my face and neck was super quick – it fit easily into my busy morning routine. You need to make sure your skin is clean and dry – but make sure your cleanser does not contain alcohol, and that all products are thoroughly removed from the skin before using the laser.

How many times do you have to do it?
Everyday for a week, then as needed. 

Homedics Duo Pro Review by iCurvy - at home skin rejuvination and laser hair removal

Did it hurt?
Not a bit! I’ve heard it described like a rubber band being slapped… but I didn’t think it even stung, just a bright flash and a warm sensation. My skin felt a little tingly afterwards. 

I think it’s still to early to see reduction in wrinkles and line, but my skin feels smoother and fresh. 

Hair removal Review

First impressions and instructions
So for my skin colour and hair colour I can use the laser on the two highest setting (4 & 5). On the lower intensity settings (1, 2, 3), you can use a continuous motion and go over sections up to 5 times in a session in a motion similar to shaving your legs. On the highest settings, you only hit each patch of skin once, and do it by placing the laser head flush, triggering the pulse, then moving it to the next patch. This is obviously a slower way to go – better for smaller areas like bikini line or underarms. 

Homedics Duo Pro Review by iCurvy - at home skin rejuvination and laser hair removal

Because I’m a busy mum, I decided to keep the laser on the 3 so I can do faster sessions, more frequently. 

I did a patch test first (with zero negative reaction) so started my session. 

How long did it take?
About 10 minutes to do both legs, going over each area 5 times. 

Homedics Duo Pro Review by iCurvy - at home skin rejuvination and laser hair removal

How many times do you have to do it?
So according to the instructions, On the lower energy settings I can continue to do the treatments twice a week. Using this setting will require more frequent and longer treatments. 

If I was using a more powerful setting, its recommended to repeat the treatment every second week for 12 weeks.

Homedics Duo Pro Review by iCurvy - at home skin rejuvination and laser hair removal

Did it hurt?
Nope. A warm sensation, but that’s about it! 

Homedics Duo Pro Review by iCurvy - at home skin rejuvination and laser hair removal

So this is going to take a lot longer to tell because I have to wait and see results when my hair grows back after 3 months of treatments… but I’ll do a follow up post to let you know how it goes! 


So while the jury is still out on my long term results (I’ll do a follow up post with further results I promise!), I really think it’s a great little machine, and a great way for a busy mum to give herself a little pampering without hugely impacting her day.

Plus my hubby has started to get in on the action too! He’s had salon laser hair removal (at a whopping $350 a session) but is now in maintenance phase – but doing just one maintenance session on him and this little Duo almost pays for herself! I used the Body Hair Removal Head on the highest setting (5) so I couldn’t use a sweeping motion and instead had to place the laser down each pulse – which was more time consuming. He said that felt similar to his professional laser treatment (although was much happier doing it all in the comfort of home!). 

Mum visited on the weekend and was eyeing it off too – so I think it’s going to be a very popular little addition to our household. 

You can purchase the HoMedics Duo Pro from Myer and the Shaver Shop (as well as other great retailers!). It’s rrp is $499 – but it’s on special in Myer at the moment so check them out. 

This review was coordinated by Kids Business. I was gifted a Homedics Duo Peo for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “Treat yo self at home: HoMedics Review 

  1. Hello Jo

    I like a laser hair removal. Traditional home hair removal techniques, such as shaving and depilatory creams provide only temporary relief. The hairs grow back almost instantaneously. Waxing, by far the most popular form of hair removal being performed today, gives instant gratification by removing the visible hair and their roots. But, the smooth result does come with some level of discomfort, and must be repeated every three to five weeks for the duration of one’s life. Those lasers work by selectively targeting the pigment (Melanin) found in the hair follicle. When the laser is pulsed or ‘turned on’ light energy is emitted for a fraction of a second. The energy produced is absorbed by the Melanin causing heat which coagulates and disables the follicle.

    I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
    Isabelle Clover recently posted…Health and beauty benefits of currantsMy Profile

  2. Hi Jo – after reading your review I went and spent the few hundred dollars on the Homedics IPL laser removal system and am really disappointed! Have you had any success at all with hair removal? I feel like its been a complete waste of money to be honest. Can you post an update on your progress? I have given it a good while to work…two months and thought I would ask how you are doing, given your initial review. Cheers Danielle

  3. Hi,
    I am currently interested in buying my own laser removal device and didn’t know which one I should get for the strongest level and most effectiveness for hair removal.
    How did everyone go with the months later using this device? Would you recommend anything else in place of the homedics duo?
    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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