DD-J Cup Heaven: Bendon online

There’s seriously nothing better than a great fitting bra. I wore an 18 D for the longest time. And I was wrong. Now that I’m in a 16E my bras are WAY more comfortable, I have better posture, and outfits even look more flattering. 

But being an E-cup has its draw-backs. Especially when I need a specific kind of bra – like one with a plunge (illusive) or a high impact sports bra (impossible)… until now – I’ve discovered that Bendon have a freaking fantastic selection of D-J cup bras – fit for every occasion! 

Here are my favourite picks…

The everyday hero – lift and separate

I mean, a t-shirt bra is great, but when you have big boobs, they tend to all morph into one boob-log – which is why I love this Fayreform bra. Two distinct boobs – and the wider straps mean less pressure on my shoulders. 

Yay for structure and comfort. Three people asked if I had lost weight when I was wearing this bra – but it was totally down to better posture, and the proper bra to keep the girls in their rightful place. 

Fayreform – Smoothing Lace spacer Contour Bra – Pink Champagne. 

A sexy Plunge Bra

Did you know that Pleasure State caters for big boobs?? Yes! Finally sexy Plunge necklines without a peek-a-boo from my bra in the middle. It’s also got a nice wide back support for a smooth line. 

Pleasure State – My Fit V Contour Plunge Bra – Black

High Impact Sports Bra

That’s right, high impact. The unicorn of sports bras for the big busted. When a crop top just ain’t going to cut it… this Bendon bra is super supportive. Running, netball… hell even jumping on the trampoline with the kids (let’s face it, if you’ve ever been to a flip-out, then you know the level of support I’m talking about). 

Bendon – Energetic Underwire Bra Sport – neutral gray/sulphur spring. 

But seriously – if you’re a D+ cup,you’re going to want to check out the amazing range at Bendon – whether it’s sexy, structural, or sporty; long line, or lingerie – they’ve got you covered! 

Bras were gifted for review. All complaints about having big boobs, and all opinions of the bras are my own. 

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