Rule Breakers Club: Leopard Print recap

They say…

Nothing says mutton dressed as lamb like LEOPARD PRINT

This is one I’ve struggled with in the past, but I’ve put aside my own fears and rocked out some leopard print to smash this rule!

Not only that – I’ve paired it with Over-the-Knee boots, sequin trim and white pants – and outfit description that would have my grandmother clutching at her pearls!

This Empress Eleven top comes with shoulder pads – which brilliantly balance out my hips making this top a big winner in my book. It’s longer length is perfect.

Looking to ‘tone down’ the look of over-the-knee boots? Wearing them over jeans is a great alternative. Plus – in the cold, it’s like wearing double layers keeping your legs extra warm. I love them paired with grey jeans for a more subtle look.

Check out the rest of the club on instagram using the #rulebreakersclub

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