Rule Breakers Club: Insta-Challenge

I’m a little bit fed up with the ‘rules’.

Sweeping generalisations about what a woman shouldn’t wear based on her size, her age, her height, her shape… 

It’s time to challenge a few of the rules, and get out of your comfort zone! Join the Rule Breakers Club! 

rule breaker club instagram fashion callege

One week of Instagram challenge smashing a rule per day. 

Starting on Monday 25th July – I’m putting the call out to YOU to join the rule readers club and smash out a Chic outfit Featuring STRIPES! 

From there, we’ll tackle ‘Fluff and Fuzz’ on Tuesday, ‘Leggings as Pants’ on Wednesday, until we’ve smashed the whole list through to ‘Leopard Print’ on Sunday. 

Snap a pick of you rocking the hell out of your ‘rule breaker’ look and share it with the club using the hashtag #rulebreakerclub

rule breaker club instagram fashion callege

You are the only person who should make rules up about what you wear on your body – if you decide you don’t like something – that’s totally ok! But it’s your choice, on your terms, based on what you like or dislike. 

So will you join the club, be bold and break some rules? 

rule breaker club instagram fashion callege

Rule Breakers Club – Instgram challenge week 25th – 31st July 2016. 

14 thoughts on “Rule Breakers Club: Insta-Challenge

  1. Yes! Break all of the rules. Smash them to pieces and use them to create whatever it is that works for you. Can’t wait to watch all of you rule breakers do your thing x

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