Plus size snowboarding and ski gear for women

You have no idea the delight I take in being able to write this post. 

You see, years ago, when I first started blogging, I wrote a post called ‘Plus Size Women Snowboard Too You Know!’ I was snowboarding in Japan and incredibly frustrated at the fit of the men’s plus size snow pants that I was forced to buy and use because there just weren’t options available to curvy women. It made me feel ignored and invisible, unimportant, and discouraged to get my large butt to the ski-field. It also made me feel hyper-visible, frumpy and uncomfortable as I struggled to made menswear work awkwardly on my body. 

Here’s the picture from that post… 

icurvy unhappy about the lack of plus size womens snowboarding gear

In Australia, finding plus size snow gear above a size 14/16 was almost impossible… Until now. 

Welcome Plus Snow

The team at Plus Snow recognized that plus size women love winter sports, and deserve well fitting snow gear that’s packs a style punch! 

plus size  women snow snowboarding ski gear clothing in australia review icurvy

So, that’s what they’ve done. And I’m so excited to share their collection with you. 

Plus size women’s snowboarding and skiing gear in sizes 16-26!

plus size  women snow snowboarding ski gear clothing in australia review icurvy

This is PRACTICAL stuff – plenty of pockets, waterproofing, fleece; properly waterproof and rated for wet Australian snow. 

It’s the cute details like rhinestone studs and fur trims that catch the eye, the fact that it’s packed full of functional design makes me smile, but what really makes my heart sing is that this stylish and functional gear is specifically cut to fit perfectly for the plus size woman. 

plus size  women snow snowboarding ski gear clothing in australia review icurvy

Women’s snow pants up to a size 26! Cut for women, with hips and a waist, and in cute colours to boot (pink, purple, black)! 

My absolute favourite pick is the Cartel Soho Jacket (who can resist a grid print). Their full range of plus size jackets is here. For Jackets – I found it true to sizing, with a 16 a good fit for my E-Cup bust. Read the sizing cart carefully for the pants as you may need to size up from your regular size. 

plus size  women snow snowboarding ski gear clothing in australia review icurvy

Plus Snow has you covered for thermals as well with options up to a 7XL. Oh, and plus size men – they’ve got you kitted out too. 

I spoke with Monica, the owner of Plus Snow who started the specialist online boutique after seeing the huge demand and low supply to plus size customers, she told me “Snow is my passion, and I love helping customers find what they need in order to get the most fun out of their winter.” She also has all your other equipment and accessories needs covered at her online store Ski and Board, including the most beautiful snowflake necklaces so you can wear winter all year round.

plus size  women snow snowboarding ski gear clothing in australia review icurvy

It’s hard to describe how happy I was to find Plus Snow. Plus size women snowboard too you know, and now they can look damn cute doing it! 

9 thoughts on “Plus size snowboarding and ski gear for women

  1. Hooray for the win in the snowboarding department! Hopefully there will be more sports to follow that can cater for plus size. I am an inbetweenie and like lots of outdoors activities including dinghy sailing, hiking and kayaking but constantly find it a battle to find cool gear that fits. I too have had to resort to menswear at times but I prefer to search high and low to find items that fit in fabrics that will work for the activity even though they are not specifically designed for it. This is time consuming and can be very frustrating! I have lost count of the number of times that I have walked into an outdoors shop to find that they actually have size 16, 18 and even 20 but only to find that the garments have been cut for someone thin hipped or with a small bustline – both of which I am not. I really can not understand why manufacturers think that you are incapable of participating in sports just because you have hips and a big bust. Hopefully Plus Snow is just a sign of what is to come and my wishes of sports specific gear in my size and shape will come true.

  2. I’ve never seen real snow, but I remember when I was younger and went on a school camp to Canberra where it was supposed to be snowing, we had to be decked out in hired snow gear, and even then as a size 14-16 I had to wear some mens stuff cause the womens just didn’t fit right (which was kind of mortifying to do in front of high school students).
    It’s such a great idea, and so glad that someone has taken it up. Not to mention, they are fashionable!! Of course, I just LOVE the pink pants!
    Also, in LOVE with your hair cut!

  3. Yay Monica and the team at Plus Snow! This is a great company (I’ve bought things from them last year) I’m so grateful to them for being savvy enough to see a gap in the market and giving us larger ladies a choice at last- I have my eye on some of those purple pants!
    Also loving your blog- it’s sometimes tricky being an in betweenie, so it’s good to feel part of a tribe.

  4. I went skiing in New Zealand last year and was humiliated by the lack of choice to hire. I ended up looking exactly like your first photo. It made skiing for the first time difficult and not something I wanted to do again… But seeing posts like this are definitely inspiring. It makes me want to give it a go again!

    Looking forward to giving this company a go!

    Was it all online? Or could you try stuff on?

    Also you look fab 😀

    1. Hi Nicole, We are just online but happy to work with you on exchanges and help choosing your size/style/price which suits you best. It can be hard online for those not used to buying online but we’re constantly working to improve and expand our range and quantity of stock so we can help you enjoy your time outdoors and at the snow. Hope you do give skiing another try, it is such a beautiful environment and feeling unlike any other… We have lots of snow gear AND plus size snow gear on our other site too
      Please get in touch with me if I can help in any way 🙂 Monica

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