Winter Layers: Where to buy your base layer

I was headed out to the shops the other day and called out to hubby to see if he needed anything, 

“Yeah – can you get me a jacket that goes with my shorts?”

What ensued was a debate about cold-weather behaviour of normal people, and why he wouldn’t just put on jeans if it was cold enough to warrant a jacket – but what it made me realise is that I feel the cold in a different way to him. I feel it deep in my bones, and I hate it. 

For me, prevention is better than cure, and I am ever-prepared with layers to ensure that I’m toasty at all times. I’ve perfected my layering, so I thought I’d share my ‘base layer’. In each of these photos I’m definitely layered up to stay warm, but choosing the right pieces means you don’t have to compromise your style for warmth…

The Top

For me, length is the key to success. I have a long torso, and I HATE my lower back being exposed if I bend down, so I like things that can be tucked deep into my jeans or stockings. 

best base layers plus size and inbetweenie

The best singlet I’ve come across is part of the Basics range at Crossroads. The Super Long Tank is perfect for laying in cooler weather. It’s not too thick and not too thin… It’s also long enough that I have gotten away with it under a kaftan before as a little slip. In sizes 8-22.

best base layers plus size and inbetweenie
My favourite layering top comes from Empress Eleven. It’s their EE Longline Tunic – there are so many genius things about this top – the extra length is perfect for tucking; and the combination of the 7/8 sleeves and the scoop neck means that is functional but also pretty much invisible under my outfits. I know I’m all ‘goldilocks’ about layering, but again the fabric is not too tick and not too thin, just right. In sizes 14-24. 

The Bottom

best base layers plus size and inbetweenie

I get asked all the time about recommendations for Tights. Generally, I only ever wear one brand, and I wear them to death. Sonsee Opaque 100 denier full tights. THE BOMB DOT COM. I got sent a few pairs of these back in 2014 and was an immediate convert. They are still going strong on their third winter, they saw me all the way through my pregnancy and snapped right back into shape. Sizes 14-28. 

best base layers plus size and inbetweenie

The only exception is when it’s super cold, like hovering around zero degrees – and then I pull out my heatgen tights from Marks and Spencer. They may not be as universally comfortable as my Sonsee tights, but they are brushed on the inside and seriously warm. I wore then under my jeans on nights out in Japan (when we walked to dinner through the snow – roughly -15•c) and was toasty warm. 

What are your base layer tips? 

3 thoughts on “Winter Layers: Where to buy your base layer

  1. I can’t stand being cold either! I am all for the Empress Eleven top too and this year I am embracing the tights under a dress. Might need to hunt down those Sonsee tights as I can’t stand the constricting feeling around my tummy that I get with regular tights – they just don’t seem to give enough room for a mum tum.

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