City Chic Factory Outlet Minto

With the City Chic Factory Outlet in Campbeltown ‘Brands On Sale’ shut down earlier this year, I was keen to check out the newly opened Minto location. 
Sydney is lucky enough to have two City Chic clearance stores – one in Alexandria and this one in Minto. If your further north, there’s also a store at Erina too. 


It’s a large shop-front space inside Minto Marketplace Shopping Centre. Prices start at $20 and go up to about $120. The most expensive stuff is still 30% off the original price – the best bargains are up to 80% off retail. 


If you’re a fan of City Chic bras like me – there a whole wall of them for $30 each. A bargain price for the best bras I’ve worn.  
There is a lot of stock at the Minto Store – lots of variety, but there’s also lots of digging to be done. Walls and walls of single pieces – so you may not find your size, but you also may be lucky to score an absolute diamond!  

One of the downsides of this store has to be the change room lighting. It’s TERRIBLE. Be prepared – there will be no change-room-selfies at this store. If you thought the previous Campbeltown store was bad (and it was) the Minto store is much worse.   
So that’s the low down of the Minto City Chic Factory Outlet. If you want to read more about the Sydney City Chic Factory Outlets – there’s this post about the Alexandria Clearance Centre. There’s also this post about the Katie’s, Autograph and Crossroads factory outlet and the Virtu/TS outlet (both also in Alexandria, Sydney). 

Note – I don’t work for City Chic, nor am I sponsored by City Chic. I write these posts because I visited the store as a regular customer and thought other people may find the information handy. If you would like to know the opening hours of stores – or phone numbers for stores – or directions to stores – please contact City Chic directly. You can find all of the City Chic Stores, including the clearance centers, with operating hours, addresses and phone numbers on the City Chic website here

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