Shop What You Got 2015

Forewarned is forearmed, so consider this your notice: Shop What You Got will be happening for a third year in a row this November!

Inspired by many other similar challenges before it, the Shop What You Got Challenge is about creating a capsule wardrobe of just 30 items and wearing only those clothes for the month of November. That’s right, 30 items to style and re-style for 30 days. It’s all about your ability to use a few items to create many many outfits – and each year never fails to remind me about the versatility of my existing collection.

I choose not to shop for new clothes over the month as an added challenge – hence the name ‘Shop What You Got’. Sometimes I forget when I’m on the hunt for the perfect outfit that it may already be hanging in my closet! It’s also a nice little money saver in the lead up to Christmas, and inevitably leads to a closet-clear-out for summer.

Thinking about joining me this year? 

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. Choose 30 items of clothing. Shoes are included. Underwear is not.
  2. Wear different combinations of those items as your main outfit each day for the month of November.

Some of your questions about this challenge may be answered on this page – check it out!

If you’d like to link-in, I’ll be hosting link parties for bloggers, and using the #shopwhatyougot on Instagram to play along. There’s also a blog button you can put in your posts to link to the challenge rules – get it on the official challenge page.

So, whaddayathink? Are you in? 

10 thoughts on “Shop What You Got 2015

  1. I’m seriously considering giving this a go. I tried a challenge from DDG daily a month or so ago, but I found it restricting because it was for a particular item each day and didn’t really go thorough with it. But this one sounds great because it works with what I’ve already got. I’m not going to commit to it yet, but I might start tentatively getting out so items this weekend to see what I might go with!

    1. Happy to hear your thinking about it. That’s the beauty – the commitment is all up front. Once you’ve made your capsule selection – it actually makes ‘getting ready’ easier!

  2. I am IN!! Cannot wait to repeat this challenge, it is such an eye opener in terms of versatility of the pieces you already own. I had a ball last year and I’m already curating my capsule wardrobe for next month, thanks Jo for this fun challenge 🙂

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