Putting myself back on the priority list

I’m not sure when it happened – but somehow between the baby, the blog, returning to work, and my uni studies, I hadn’t just fallen down the priority list… I’d fallen right off it! 

I decided to do three things to help get my groove back – and put a little ‘me’ back into my week.

Oh la la – I got some lingerie. 

Not a tshirt bra and black undies. But actual, matching, sexy underwear. I don’t know what it is about matching underwear – but when I’m wearing a set I feel very grown-up and together. I’m in control, and I’ve got ‘it’ together. 

Being a 14 E/F cup – I struggle to find sexy bras. By the time the cups get up that high – the bra tends to be all about structure and support (and don’t get me wrong – that’s needed – but this is also about what I want not just what I need). When it comes to plus size bras – often the bands start at a size 18 – which leaves me in the inbetweenie dilemma. Luckily City Chic have an incredibly sexy range of lingerie ranging from a 14DD to a 22G! 

Fifi Bra and Knickers

Eden Bra and Knickers

Next – lucious locks! 

I splurged on some hair extensions. Now I’ve written a whole post reviewing my Zala extensions – but there were actually a big deal for me to buy. It’s a bit of a luxury purchase – and although I longed for my long hair – a little voice in my head was telling me that clip-in extensions are for young glamorous types – not mums in their early thirties. But little voice be damned, I got them anyway. And they are amazing. And I feel amazing in them – and that all that really matters! 

Lastly, but not least – I addressed those brows. 

Pre-pregnancy I used to get eyelash extensions and they were the best, I seriously seriously loved them – but they are an expensive habit – both in terms of $$ and time – I just don’t have 2 hours every few weeks to lay down and get my lashes done anymore – but a 15 minute appointment with eyebrow wizard Nadine Hunt of Backstage Beauty in Wollongong – now that I can do! And my face has been all the happier for it! 

What little things do you do to ensure you’re on the priority list? 

They may not be earth shatteringly important things, but it’s just about taking a few minutes out of the million things I’ve gotta do, to put myself on the list. To remind me that I matter too, and to treat myself to a little something that’s a little indulgent – not addressing my needs, just my wants. 

Disclosure: City Chic gave me the sets of lingerie – however I am an existing genuine customer of their amazing bras. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

4 thoughts on “Putting myself back on the priority list

  1. I recently discovered microdermabrasions. It’s an hour every 4-6 weeks and although it is a little pricey, my skin has never looked better. Really makes my face glow, which in turn makes me feel just that little bit spesh

  2. Nice one Jo, you deserve some ‘me time’ and I love your new hair! I’m thinking about getting some clip ins for special occasions, I have the length but I really want thicker hair.
    I love the underwear sets, unfortunately I’m an inbetweenie in this area as well, which makes it really hard to find things that are pretty but also offer support.
    Great post!
    Justine xxx
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