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So I spent a lot of unnecessary angst trying to decide whether or not to invest in some good clip-in hair extensions. I miss my long hair a lot – but I do remember how difficult it was to look after on a daily basis. And now that I have a little terror running around the house – I can only imagine how impracticable long hair would be all the time. So some clip-in extensions seemed like a great compromise. 

icurvy review zala hair extensions

I’ve bought cheap clip-ins before. Generally they’ve been plastic-y, a little too shiny and easy to spot a mile off. They also malt more than my natural hair… And that’s just not something my robot vacuum can handle right now. So, I knew, if I was going to do it, I wanted to get some really beautiful extensions – and the recommendations came in thick and fast for Zala. 

Do you know how many times I’ve been mid-style, arms aching from holding them above my head in an attempt to Ghd curl my hair and thought, God I wish I could take my hair off my head and style it. Countless, countless times. It’s a pretty regular daydream of mine. Well, now I kinda can! Zala hair extensions are human hair – so they can be curled, straightened, braided, washed, dyed, toned and styled just like your own hair. 

 icurvy review zala hair extensions 

One of the things that had me stumped was working out the right colour to order. I saw on the Zala website they have a service where you can upload some pictures and they email you ack a recommendation, so I did that and within a few short hours – Zala let me know that Caramel #10 was my best match. I excitedly looked for pictures on the website and was pretty disheartened – no way was that my colour! With the knowledge that there’s a great returns policy I decided to just order them and see what happened. Low and behold – they are pretty darn perfect. I haven’t even toned or dyed them at all. This is straight out of the box, and onto my head. Colour me impressed! (Apparently Caramel #10 coloured)
 icurvy review zala hair extensions 

I have very blonde ballyage ends so I wasn’t expecting to be able to get such a great match – and something will still need to be done by my hairdresser – either adding some lighter highlights to the extensions or toning down my ends – to get a truly natural flow. I’ve pulled them to the surface in the above picture to demonstrate what I mean. 

I love that they feel like real hair and are thick all the way to the end. It feels like the healthy, long, thick hair that 22year-old-me used to have. During my recovery and pregnancy, and even post pregnancy, I’ve lost more than half of my hair. I was lucky to have relatively thin hair, but a lot of it. Like A LOT. Like hairdressers used to take breaks when blow drying my hair to rest their arms – there was that much of it. I was lucky, as now, despite loosing so much hair – I still have a thin, but decent coverage. Given that, I ordered a 5 piece set. If I hadn’t lost all my hair – I could have gone for a 9 piece with no issues – but I wouldn’t be able to hide all those clips in my current coverage. The 5 piece set is perfect for my hair (I ordered 20in length). 

They are easy to put in and feel secure while I am wearing them. A total win in my books! I purchased the storage as an additional extra and I would absolutely recommend it! If I didn’t have that, I have no idea how I would store them. I also got the brush, which is pretty good, and some spare clips (which may come in handy at a later date!). 

icurvy review zala hair extensions 
Hot tip: keep an eye out for discount codes on the Zala instagram page as i was able to get $15off

Note: I have no affiliation with Zala Hair Extensions. I paid for my extensions like any other customer and decided to review them as when I was looking there wasn’t anyone like ‘me’ who had reviewed them. I’m a first time hair extension reviewer – so if you want to know something and I didn’t include it – ask me below! 

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  1. I spent a heinous amount of money on microbead extensions that showed through my hair and looked appalling, and got exchanged for two ponytail falls that are no longer the right colour. I’m interested in clip-ins but appalling at hair styling – what kind of effort is involved in actually getting them in? Love that they do recommended colour matching!
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  2. I was thinking about buying from Zala since fall of last year and haven’t yet. I have done research on them in the past and found all great reviews until recently. From your picture your extensions don’t look that thick, imo. But the color match was good. What did u spend on them and what weight did u buy? For instance 250g. I was thinking of buying the quad weft ice queen (platinum blonde)ones, which I think are 18″ and I think 250-270g. I live in the US, and am reluctant to buy extensions from another country, let alone Australia. The bad reviews mentioned bad customer service, the extensions not being thick(thin instead) and having short pieces of hair sticking out, along with hair not being good quality knotting up and not curling well at all)and not lasting long. I don’t have money coming in and have saved up the money for extensions(great ones, not crap ones). I thought they were the best, but now I’m not so sure. I would hate to see my hard earned money to just be thrown out the window. I went on YouTube to see anyone reviewing them, but am not sure whether these people are being paid or what. It’s really hard to tell. Any suggestions? Thanks so much! Have a great day!

    1. I am a loyal Zala customer, I like you was very hesitant to order at first as I was worried that they were all the way in Australia & also that I could physically see them and feel them. I reviewed them like crazy and now for the past year and a half I have placed 3 orders. So very satisfied, shipping was less then 4 days ( I live in California) & the thickness & qualityis amazing.

  3. This company is a joke. I purchased the 16 inch chocolate brown pony tail extensions for a wedding. When they arrived they were deeply matted/tangled before I took them out of the packaging. The hair literally sat in a giant clump and no amount of brushing would make a difference. To try and salvage them, I took out my curler, set it to 90degrees as recommended on the website and tried to curl them. Absolutely nothing happened except a few pieces of synthetic hair sizzled. After countless unanswered calls and emailed, I finally got a response saying they required me to send photos of the hair. I did so and also sent videos to illustrate how unusable the hair was. I then received an extremely passive aggressive email back saying that in no way did they ever say hair could be curled and I was basically an idiot for assuming that it could be, despite the fact that an image of the pony tail with large curls is listed on the page, and a disclaimer saying that styling tools could be used on the hair is shown several times. They offered me a measly $20 discount and then tried to get me to buy some clip in hair extensions.

    This company is a joke, they are rude and clearly spend more money on marketing and promotion than actually creating a quality product.

    1. Oh my goodness! That’s terrible! I’m so sorry you’ve had a bad experience.

      Several months on, my extensions are still fine – but that’s shocking you’ve had a bad experience 🙁

      1. I love my Zala tape ins, they are thick from top to bottom, and the customer service is always prompt. I started with the Carmel , and beachy blonde , but now have the ice queen platinum in my hair, I love this hair.

    2. Do you have a phone number for this company? They have taken money out of my bank account 4 times and refuse to give me contact info except for an email. I agree, this company is a joke!

  4. I too had a very bad experience with this company:

    After placing one order through this company and getting a product of moderate quality, I thought I would give it another try. This new set, which was supposed to be the same color as the first set ordered, was completely different. The company has all these procedures in place to match colors, and yet they cannot even get the same item close to the same color a second time?

    Also, the item arrived with some sort of yellow, sticky film on it, which was not spotted until after removing the package seal. It was not the typical left over hair coloring that may be visible the first time you wash a set of extensions. After attempting to remove this yellow residue with a gentle shampoo, the color of the item became much more red.

    I would recommend purchasing from a different company, when shopping for this type of product.

  5. I’ve ordered from Zala multiple times but for the clip ins. They are thick and last for some time. I was pleased with the clip ins enough to try their tape ins. I paid $270 for 60 pieces. They looked fabulous the first day and up the point of the first wash. No matter what I do they always look dry and get matted. They lack the bounce and natural flow of nice hair. I’ve only had them in for 3 weeks and I am wanting them out. I can’t stand how they look now. I had to reorder hair from another company (Glam Seamless) and even after washing a few strands they still feel amazing. For clip ins Zala worked but not for anything I kept in. Would not recommend their tape ins at all! Yuck!
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  7. WORST.EXTENSIONS.EVER. I purchased 2 full heads of natural black tape extensions late last year and had them in for about a month before I had enough and took them out. These extensions are supposed to be real hair but they certainly didn’t feel like. They would knot constantly no matter how much I brushed them, and I used all the most expensive and best hair products and shampoo/conditioner, including products from their website! and not to mention the shedding, I would say I would have lost about half a head of hair in the month just form shedding. Contacted customer service and they didn’t want a bar of it, probably has the be the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. Didn’t want to help me at all or didn’t offer any help. They said it was ‘my own fault’ the hair was so knotty and horrible. Don’t ever buy from here it’s the biggest waste of money ever, go somewhere else please!

  8. I’m surprised by the bad reviews! I absolutely loved mine. My hairdresser washed them even tho the site said not to. They wouldn’t curl until after they were washed. I wore them on my wedding day, and my hair looked fabulous! I did get 24″ 250gr 9 pieces, as I have thick hair. I first bought from Bellami, which I didn’t have a problem with the quality but the hair color did not match. I bought 2 and returned both. But with Zala, I was able to purchase the honey bleach blonde, the mixture of the two tones was literally a perfect match. My hairdresser did trim them, just because I really didn’t need that long. It was like mermaid long! lol She has cut off about 2 inches the day of the wedding and probably another inch since the wedding. I have worn them 3 different times, the last time was just this past new years eve, and they still look awesome. I always keep them hung up in the bag. I’m about to purchase another set, around 16″ so that I can have a set that I can wear more regularly.

  9. Its indisputable that these glamorous length and body extenders can change your look but it may be more economical to wait for your hair to grow out. The cost of these pieces is often not equivalent to their quality and durability and when they loosen and you take them out in a few months, you will have wasted all that money just to have to spend it again to replace them. Pair that with the fact that they can be hard to manage and style to your liking and you may change your mind and decide to stick with your natural hair.

    Best wishes
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