ghd vs Cloud Nine: Hair Straightener Review

So this post needs to start with a couple of confessions. First off… I straighten my hair. A lot. Like every time I wash it. So, in order to write this blog post, I’ve included pictures of what my hair looks like when it has not been straightened.  review GHD hair straightener vs Cloud 9 compare which is better best icurvy 
Surprisingly I don’t feel the need to label which of these photos is which… 

Second confession. I’m totally a ghd girl. I’ve always been a ghd girl. I was one of those teenagers who literally ironed their hair. Like with my head laid out on the ironing board and a stream iron pointed at my noggin. 

When handheld straighteners first came out… I tried them all – ceramic, glass… you name it – I gave it a go and I was always, ALWAYS, disappointed. 

Then when I was backpacking I met someone who had a ghd. I was blown away as it glided through my hair and left my curls shiny and straight. It was a hair-miracle. When I came back to Australia in 2007, I bought a brand new one all of my own. Fast forward almost 8 years later and that same ghd is still going pretty strong. I have my suspicions that it’s not quite as hot as it used to be, but after 8 years of service, I’m one loyal and happy customer. 

I think it’s pretty impressive that an appliance used almost daily for 8 years is still going strong, and so I had no real desire to change from ghd. I’ve had my eye on a new one for quite a while, however as luck would have it, I actually won a brand new top-of-the-line Cloud nine straightener from Danimezza’s Birthday Giveaway. 

I’d always heard impressive reviews of Cloud Nine… But I was skeptical. Very skeptical. However, since I have one, I decided to give it a real go, and compare my ghd and Cloud Nine with an open mind.

review GHD hair straightener vs Cloud 9 compare which is better best icurvy 1

Ok, so in the ‘looks’ department – my old ghd looks very weathered next to the slick and sleek all-black Cloud 9. I know that ghd has really improved the look of their straighteners recently – so I don’t really think that’s a true differentiating factor between them. Plus I’m all about performance – I don’t mind using something that’s ugly if it gets results. 

review GHD hair straightener vs Cloud 9 compare which is better best icurvy 2 

One point of difference is the temperature control on the Cloud 9. It was very fast to heat up. I originally had it set to 150, but quickly turned it up to the maximum to get the results I was used to. Given that I had to have it on the top temperature to get results on my unruly hair, I’m not sure that having a different temperatures is that important to me. Maybe if you have thinner or wavy (not curly) hair – that may be a positive feature for you.

My hair had been washed and then put up in a bun to dry naturally the day before these pictures. So, how did the Cloud 9 do? 

review GHD hair straightener vs Cloud 9 compare which is better best icurvy 3 

Ok, so, on the top temperature setting, did it live up to my ghd? I am very surprised to say that yes it did! I might even go as far to say that my hair felt softer using the Cloud 9 – my ghd can leave my trashed and split ends feeling really stiff. Now I totally blame the condition of my hair, not the straightener for that – but I did feel that my hair felt healthier after using the Cloud 9. 

Also, I did not realise until using the Cloud 9, but the ghd was making my hair have a strange smell. It’s funny, I didn’t even realise there was a smell until it wasn’t there. I did mention this to a friend who suggested that perhaps I should clean my ghd – the smell is most likely left by residue of products on the straightening plates. I’m going to look into that! 

review GHD hair straightener vs Cloud 9 compare which is better best icurvy 4
I quickly discovered this is unsafe selfie behaviour

So, my ends felt softer – and healthier, but I did have to use more strokes of the Cloud 9 to get the same result I get from my ghd, so overall it took a bit longer to straighten my hair.  

review GHD hair straightener vs Cloud 9 compare which is better best icurvy 5  

Overall, I’m very happy with my new Cloud 9 and I’ll happily use it in place of my ghd. If I was setting out to purchase a new one and had to choose between the ghd and Cloud 9… Honestly… There’s not much difference in terms of performance so I’d probably look to price! 

What about you? Are you Camp ghd or a Cloud Nine gal? 

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  1. I’ve only ever had GHD… And like you, 7 years into its tenure it’s starting to lose its sparkle. My hairdresser uses cloud 9 on me… So I guess I’d do the price comparison. Thanks for the info 🙂

  2. I have the cheaper versions – the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron and the Remington ceramic iron. I don’t use them often (lazy girl here!) and always have my hair on a high ponytail, but on the rare occasion I do (like everytime I do an #AussieCurves challenge :P), I tend to use the Instyler. I feel it isn’t as damaging.
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  3. Oooo very interesting! I was offered a review about a week or two before the move and had to decline. I mean, I probably would’ve lost the darn thing in a box somewhere. This is WAY easier. Awesome Jo. And congrats on the win, how lucky are you.
    Melissa {Suger} recently posted…Changing my mindMy Profile

    1. I’ve heard people aren’t as happy with the newer gen ghds… I guess that’s why I really wanted to compare it to my old trusted and true. I’m definitely happy with the Cloud 9

      1. I loved my GHD but it’s day is over after 10 years!! Trying to decide what to buy now. I was told recently by a friend that cloud 9 bought out GHD and that is why they are better. I think I will try the Cloud 9.

  4. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Cloud 9 straightener and the only time I’ve ever had it used on my hair was at a salon. A long time ago. As for that smell you say after using the GHD. Umm… you’re not alone. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I realise it’s not a “normal” thing! I’ve used other straighteners and then I’ve also used the GHD one. It was still brand new and I did notice a certain smell on my hair after using it. I don’t think it’s the plates having accumulated products on it. I suspect it’s the plates itself maybe? Some coating to prevent our hair from “burning”? Maybe?
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  5. I’ve heard from a few beauty friends that the people who made the original GHDs that were amazing and awesome like your first one left the company and started up Cloud 9, which is why newer GHDs aren’t as good and Cloud 9s are like the GHDs of old! I just bought a second hand Philips one from Savers for $12 that I haven’t tried yet, that’s how often I make the effort to straighten my hair 😀
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  6. My Ghds have snapped!!! 12 years old and they’ve died. I’m devistated. I need new ones and I’ve been led to cloud 9. Do I go for it or not? Im nervous. It’s like buying a puppy.

  7. My ghd has lasted 3 years only with about 6 stokes every second day – lazily I did not submit the warranty at the time of purchase – so really I got about the same distance as the old blowdryers of about 40 years ago which at the end of their lives would burst into flames and I would have to make a dash to the back verandah to throw it into the yard! I’m going for a cloud nine – what have i got to lose.

  8. Hi, Just a note….the ghd will give you the crunchy, stiff hair ends as a result of the products you use. Eg. I actually like Pantene for my hair (even though my hairdresser has warned me off it for years). Then I noticed if I used Pantene and straightened my hair – crunchy ends. Certain hair products that put a layer on your hair give you the stiffs, others don’t.
    Btw I also have both products and like the Cloud better too.
    That’s all. Cheers.

  9. Just to the note on the products and crunchiness…I use the top of the range Kerastase heat protector spray and my ends are still becoming crunchy between hair trims…I fear it’s because my GHD is about 10years old and possibly dying (maybe the temp control is not great anymore – technology has definitely advanced since I bought it). So having tried improved top of the range styling product, I’m now looking to upgrade my straighteners…and I think I’m going to take the plunge and switch to Cloud 9. I’ve also heard that being manufactured by the original developers of GHD, they are great straighteners. Fingers crossed!

  10. I’m still as confused as ever on what brand to try. Never purchased a straightener, and 4 days ago I had kerastase treatment then had my hair straightened for the first time by a hair dresser who used a cloud 9. Every few strokes it snagged my hair which was annoying. I told the hair dresser, and she said maybe she was going to fast. Slowing down did not help. The odd hair must have been catching, I don’t know where, I didn’t take a look at the plates.

  11. I’m a huge Cloud Nine fan and have used them for a few years and have never had any problem with them. Previously I used ghd’s and did have to replace or have them repaired relatively frequently. My daughter wants to buy ghd PLATINUM® STYLER at £165. Does anyone know anything about them?

  12. I used a couple of different straighteners a lot through my teenage years. GHD was always my favourite. I hadn’t heard of Cloud Nine until this year when I went to a hair dresser and they were using their straighteners. Just recently I decided to get myself a new straightener for my birthday and I was stuck choosing between Cloud Nine or Ghd. I ended up going with GHD because it was in my budget and they were a favourite. The day it arrived I was reading in a mums group on fb how bad GHDs are these days and that Cloud Nine were much better so I was a bit saddened thinking “oh no they aren’t what they were back when I first used them”. But to be honest after using it I love it. I have really thick and curly hair – it straightens my hair with ease and quickly too.

    1. I also use a coconut oil (sometimes argan oil) conditioner & shampoo then the GHD heat protection and my hair doesn’t feel crunchy.

      P.S I remember the days of using an iron to straighten hair too! 🙂

  13. My story is same as yours purchased GHd 07! Still working perfectly but hair in bad condition. Hairdresser recommended Cloud 9 due to temp control. Cloud 9 are made by one of the guys who invented GHD. He wanted to improve on the model! And he has.

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