Ch-ch-ch-Changing Bodies and mindsets: Boobs after birth

This blog and I are committed to body positivity. I’m my about me section, I talk about the day I decided to stop thinking negatively about my body and the massive impact that small change has had on the way I feel about myself. But I have to be honest, it’s a continual process. Just like all of my other relationships, I’ve gotta work on my relationship with my body. 

Even more so when my body ups and changes

I used to quite like my boobs. Scrap that and let’s be honest, I loved my boobs. They were pretty awesome. Other people agreed. I could use them to hold beers. I told you they were awesome.  

why yes, I do have one beer in my broken hand and am ‘cheers’ing with my boob beer… (Photo roughly 2006 in London)
Then I lost weight and they changed, I got pregnant and they changed again, and once I stopped breastfeeding they changed again. They are not the boobs I once loved. While they still fit an F cup, it’s certainly not in the fun, full and flirty way they did before – there are other F words I could used to describe them now, but I won’t because ^ body positivity committed. 

When I picture my boobs (it’s not a frequent pass time but I digress) I still picture the old ones. That’s not really fair to these new boobs (or noobs) – they’ve been through a lot after all. So, I’m setting out to accept the new ones … I told you, your relationship with your body is one you have to work on, and these are the ways I’m working on mine … 

Normalize the new look

These poor noobs are constantly being compared to a picture in my head because I’m not used to them. So I’m setting out to ‘normalize’ my new look. This could be as simple as doing things like looking in the mirror for a minute before jumping in a shower, or straightening my hair/applying my makeup topless. Actually, the later has come with other great benefits including a lack of makeup stains and stray hairs on my clothing. Bonus. 

Get re-fitted for a bra

Stop making the noobs sit in the old girls lingerie. It’s not fair on them, or me. So, like 90% of Australian women, I was wearing the wrong size bra. I now have my noobs sitting pretty in some fun and flirty bras. My tops may be all mum-uniform, but there’s a little bit of a sexiness going on underneath. 

So, that’s my version of couples counseling for me and the noobs. I really think the concept behind how I’m working on my noob relationship could really be applied to any part of your body that your trying to embrace. Change the picture in your head of what it’s ‘supposed’ to look like and normalize what you’ve actually got… And then dress in a way that suits the reality. 

Has your body undergone changes? How did you learn to embrace the new you?

11 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-Changing Bodies and mindsets: Boobs after birth

  1. Yes. After two babies, 2+ years of breastfeeding each, plus rapid weight loss and gain due to illness and surgery, my body looks nothing like I remember it and my boobs (or noobs) are the same size but very different. I found Debras in Penrith amazing. I’ve bought my breastfeeding bras and my post breastfeeding scaffolding from them, very happy with the service and the products. My tip for big cup post breastfeeding boobs (soft, floppy, able to breastfeed around corners) is a well cut balconette style bra – Lift and separate and hold firm. The girls look amazing. And not the balconette “look” bras you can get from some chains like City Chic – they look nice but they are a single moulded cup inside, not several parts of engineered fabric. Made my boobs puddles and look wrong, no support. I like Panache lingerie, beautiful and very well made. Huzzah for body love!

  2. I hear you Jo, I have ‘foobs’ (fake boobs) that are reconstructed and nothing like my old boobs. the best thing is to wear beautiful lingerie and look at them often. I find that when working with clients the biggest breakthroughs (and sometimes tears) is when they ‘let go’ of that picture in their head of who they used to be. There’s no one youer than you…and that’s the person looking back in the mirror right now, self acceptance is a wonderful thing x
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  3. Thank you so much for writing this post, Jo. I’m sure this is something so many mums struggle with, and yet it doesn’t seem to be spoken about often.

    I love your tips of letting go of your old body and familiarising yourself with the new one. For a while after my second baby stopped breastfeeding (mind you, he was 18 months old so not a baby then) I really struggled with my self-confidence and couldn’t bare to look at my body in the mirror when I was getting into the shower… which is really quite sad! What helped me was making a conscious decision to learn to love my body as it is now and remember why it’s changed.
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    1. It’s amazing the way we let our minds treat our bodies. I’m glad you make that conscious decision – it’s such an important decision to make – and my relationship with my body changed so dramatically- I couldn’t believe what a difference it made. I had a high school teacher that used to tell us to go home – look in the mirror – and talk to the person in charge. I think sometimes we forget that we are in charge and can change the way we think about things. It takes work, but it’s worth it.

  4. Hell yeah my boobs have changed… been to heaven, hell and back! I used to hate that my boobs were bigger than everyone else’s when I was growing up. They were not huge per se but considered big because I was skinny. Then, came pregnancy and they sort of had their own postcode. And then came the breastfeeding phase where during the first few months, took a lot of getting used to. But they were pretty nice. 3 kids later they are now… deflated 🙁 I hate that they aren’t as perky as they used to be and to make matters worse, if I lose a little weight they don’t seem as full. Boob dilemma. Now I keep to this nice, comfy weight but have some sort of boobs…not perky but not non-existent either. OMG. I miss my pre-baby boobs!
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  5. I’m the biggest I’ve ever been – except when I was 9 months pregnant. I have the odd treat, but not enough to justify this! I exercise as much as I can, which isn’t a great deal due to exercise flaring my inflammation. I’ve got some blood tests that I can have but I had them all about 6 months ago and they were fine.

    So, I don’t really love the way I look at the moment, so I force myself to look at myself in the mirror and look after myself by putting body lotion on daily, and wearing perfume and makeup.

    I also bought myself a couple of nice things in a bigger size so I don’t make myself feel bigger by squishing into things that are on the tight side.

    The best solution is to parade naked around in front of my husband. He provides positive feedback!

    As for the boobs, I stopped breastfeeding more than 10 years ago and it took a while for my boobs to return to normal. They filled out a bit again. I didn’t really have much more than half an A cup until I was 21. I was only a B cup, maybe a C cup, when I got pregnant and went to a DD literally overnight. Now I’m a G cup. Even without the weight gain of recent months, they were a G cup.

    I’ve had to say hi to new boobs many times over the years!
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