Tip and Tricks Tuesday: What’s Instore at the City Chic Outlet?

Edit: the Cambeltown Factory Outlet is now closed down. As at August 2015 there are three NSW City Chic Factory Outlets – Alexandria, Minto and Erina. 

Because my hubby is SO LOVELY, he agreed to wait in the car and entertain Indi whilst I popped into the Sydney City Chic Factory Outlet in Campbeltown so I could take some pictures of what’s in stock for all of you!   

There are a couple of bargains to be had! If you were a fan of the City Chic Sports Luxe collection, NOW is the time to head into the factory outlet as its full of great sports inspired pieces. My faves include this cute Fearless Tee ($30) and this awesome jumpsuit which came home with me for only $20!   


As always, there are plenty of pretty dresses priced between $40 and $90. Great discounts to be had there!  

There is an entire wall of clothes at the $15, $20, and $30 mark – great tops, blazers, skirts and bottoms for bargain prices.  


Given the weather, City Chic has brought back their Princess Coats in both Pastel Pink and Blue to the factory outlet, however capitalizing on the seasonal change has put the prices of these great coats back up to $80 (last time I saw them in the factory outlet you could pick them up for only $30!). Plenty of sizes available as well as other styles of coats.     

One of my favourite picks instore was this AMAZING pleather laser cut dress. So hot. Unfortunately even the XS was a little big on me… I was tempted considering it was only $40 but I put on my sensible hat and didn’t buy something that didn’t quite fit.    

I love the more unusual City Chic pieces, and this long sleeve sheer maxi is no exception. It’s bang on the current 70s trend. A snap at $40.   

There was also this great button up dress which I missed instore but really loved it – the roll sleeves and the contrasting pocket/collar/waist tie is a really cute detail!   


A little City Chic birdie told me they are opening a NEW SYDNEY CITY CHIC FACTORY OUTLET IN ALEXANDRIA!!! 

Very exciting news for all you CC fans who haven’t been able to get out to Campbeltown. I hear the new factory outlet will be in addition to the Campbeltown one (although the Brands On Sale building is looking desolately bare – it’s a bit of a ghost town in there!) but we will just have to wait and see on that one… 

Have you visited the outlet before? What did you score?

15 thoughts on “Tip and Tricks Tuesday: What’s Instore at the City Chic Outlet?

  1. You’ve scored some great bargains Jo. Sadly, the Melbourne CC Outlet Stores (both Uni Hill Bundoora and Harbour Town Docklands) had very little. Yesterday I walked out with nothing (a rarity) and last week I scored a dress for $30, which I was happy with, but the rest of the stock seemed rather expensive or just tacky. And there was definitely no huge range of $20 items like you’ve shown. You rock the jumpsuit! Great find!

  2. I love that 70s maxi, hope it pops up in a post soon 🙂

    I stumbled across the Alexandria CC outlet weekend before last when I was looking for Crossroads/Katies/Autograph. It had only been open a few days at most.
    Katies and Crossroads are in what I assume is the original store, and CC and Autograph are in the same space in the corner shop.
    CC had lots of sample racks (all xs) for $30 which had some gorgeous evening/embellished dresses as well as a mix of tops, skirts and less fancy dresses-I limited myself to a striped sundress and lace peplum blouse. I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at their other racks (except for the jeans, where I picked up a pair of boyfriend skinny for $20!!), so I can’t comment on the range, but from the look of your pics the Campbeltown outlet still has the better buys.
    Autograph had lots of specials-a wall of tops for $9.95, and a lot of items for $14.95.
    Katies and Crossroads weren’t that exciting, but I guess it changes from visit to visit.

  3. Hi
    Looking for a Deep V Starker dress
    It’s got all different colours on the front and black on the back
    Just wondering if you could help me.

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