Gabi Fresh for Swim Sexy – Inbetweenie Review

I’ve never worn a bikini in my life. Never. Not once. My stomach, especially after the weight loss and a baby, is the most vulnerable part of my body. Riddled with stretch marks, excess skin and scars, it’s a part of myself that I feel more confident all covered up. With the rise of the Curvykini, plus size bikinis became more readily available, and sure they were pretty, but I still had no real desire to try one myself. That was… Until the release of Gabi Gregg’s (Gabi Fresh) newest Swim Sexy collection for Swimsuits for All. Holy-stylish-cow those suits were smoking hot – and for the first time, I really wanted to wear one. 

These days I’m pretty body confident – I may not love every part of myself, but I certainly embrace all of me, accept all parts and I really don’t let my body hold me back. But I do have to admit, the bikini had me intimidated. They sat there for the first few days of my holiday begging to be worn… But in the meantime, I was frolicking around in the super awesome Palm Print one piece (the only one piece in the current collection). I love the white waistband which highlights the smallest part of my waist, and the subtle shade change between the top and bottom of the suit is yet another reason this cossie rocks! 

After trying on the one piece and two bikinis from this collection, here is my fit advice for Inbetweenies… The smaller sizes of the collection only come in a D/DD cup which had me gulping. Gabi recommended to upsize if you needed a bit more cup room. As an E/F cup, I took the advice on board – but I also took out my tape measure and measured myself carefully against the sizing chart. I decided to hedge my bets and order some 12s and some 14s. I’m pretty consistently a plus size 12 in the US – but I’ve found the Swim Sexy suits a little on the small side in the past. With the benefit of hindsight, a bit more cup room would have been wonderful and I should have ordered 14s across the board. If I had firm E/F boobs the cups in the 12 may have been fine – but alas mine are not so I had to be careful (especially with a baby climbing all over me) that my cup did not runeth-over if you know what I mean

So, now, onto the main event… ME IN A BIKINI!

The Jellyfish Print Bikini is fun, striking and beautiful rolled into one – the ruffles on the side of the pants give it a cute retro flair and there’s a double strap closure at the back.

These photos were taken at the Intercontinental Resort and Spa in Fiji… The infinity edge pool is incredibly beautiful. 

The Chevron Bikini is full of funk and spunk from the bold print to the hot pink details. 

The back has a cross over strap and double back strap closure. 

There’s something really free-ing about wearing a bikini, feeling the water rush across my stomach as I swim. I can’t say that I’m a full time convert to the Curvykini, but I will happily wear these babies again! 

The swimsuits featured in this post were gifted to me by Swimsuits For All. The fit information is my own opinion and you should alway consult the size guide and measure yourself to get the most accurate fit. 

Have you embraced the Curvykini trend or are you a one-piece wonder? xx

15 thoughts on “Gabi Fresh for Swim Sexy – Inbetweenie Review

  1. Beautiful! What are they like out of the pool? We do a lot of adventuring and usually leave our swimmers on .are the bottoms flattering?
    Are they a higher cut or low?
    I’ve seen the swimmers online but the girls modelling them are nowhere near my body shape and size.

  2. You look fantastic in all of them! I especially like the chevron print on you :). I just ordered two Gabi Fresh bikinis and I can’t wait to get them! I’m generally a tankini girl, so I’m super excited (or nervous…) to show some skin.

  3. Hi Jo – I LOVE all 3 on you! Out of interest what sizes did you actually buy for top and bottom and what #inbetweenie size Australian are you generally? I’ve just tried to measure myself on the swimsuitsforall website and it’s suggests that I should order size 16 (which is a size 20 Australian – which I am NOT) based on my waist/hip measurements. I’m anywhere from a size 14-16 top and 16 bottom usually.

    1. Hi Cynthia – it’s really confusing. I’m generally a size 14/16 Australian standard sizing. I’m almost always a size 12 in the US. I ordered a 12 in the fern print one piece and a 12 in the top for the Jellyfish, 14s for the bottoms of the chevrons and jellyfish, and a 14 for the top of the chevrons. BUT I wish I had gone a 14 across the board. Maybe even a 16. Mainly for cup room as I’m a 14e/f in Australian bra sizing and the cup sizes were really small.

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