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While on holiday in Brisbane, Indi and I took a trip to the newly (newish) opened Forever 21. There is one open in the Macquarie Centre in NSW, but the plus section was not included (apparently there was not enough floor space) so Sydney has wait until later in 2015 to see the plus size line. Brisbane, however, does have the plus line available in the huge Forever 21 store in the Queen Street Mall.

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So the two things I was most interested to check out – price comparison to the US and the range available.

For an Inbetweenie like me, it was also a great opportunity to get to try on the largest size in the standard range (Large) and see if I could go between the two lines. That question has been definitively answered… I can’t. The Large in the standard size was pretty darn small. The XL in the + line is definitely my size. Note: I tried in things in the standard line that were fitted with little/no stretch to test this – if something was oversized or stretchy, I *may* be able to make it work. Maybe. But it would definitely be a gamble.

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Ok, so the range. In comparison to what’s available on the US website, there was only very very little stock available instore at Brisbane. However, I regularly hear the same complaint about the limited range instore in the US too. The range available was primarily basics – cardigans in loads of colors, some stretch Bodycon dresses, a few cool tees and singlets, and quite a big range of denim. There were a very few ‘statement’ pieces – so let’s just say, if it were me picking what to stock from the website, it would be a very very different collection.

I did manage to pick up a few cute pieces – and I can’t wait to show them to you over the coming weeks. Now to price point…

Peace Top

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Currently available both in store in Brisbane and Online on the US website.

US price: US$13.80 (A$17.60)
AU price: Originally A$22.80 but on sale for A$17

Everyday Skinny Jeans

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Currently available both in store in Brisbane and Online on the US website.

US price: US$9.90 (A$12.65)
AU price: A$18.95

Striped Bodycon Dress

review Forever 21+ plus size store in Brisbane

Currently available both in store in Brisbane and Online on the US website.

US price: US$17.80 (A$22.80)
AU price: A$30.80

Acid Wash Skinny Jeans

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Currently available both in store in Brisbane and Online on the US website.

US price: US$29.90 (A$38.20)
AU price: A$54.95

So, while some prices are a little inflated, I think taking in consideration the shipping and higher labour costs in Australia, it’s really not all that bad. And still provides a low price point for plus size fashion. I hope that it proves popular enough to dedicate a little more floor space to, so they have room to bring over less basics and more statement/trend pieces.

I don’t want to harp on about this next bit – but it wouldn’t be an honest balanced review of I didn’t also talk about my in-store experience as a customer. It was pretty horrible. I can handle the rack after rack the a somewhat random allotment of clothes (I could not really see an organisation to the collections as such) – the plus size department – most likely due to it’s small footprint, was well organized. But, it was incredibly hard to maneuver a pram in there. Add to that, the + range is downstairs, and to access the lift, I had to speak to the manager, wait for them to get a key from somewhere, be escorted down in the lift, and upon wanting to come back upstairs find a manager again. Now this was time consuming, and mildly annoying with a baby in toe… But then after I had collected my pile of clothes to try on, I headed to their change room only to find that their two change rooms that are pram/wheelchair friendly are actually piled full to the door with boxes and stock and unable to be used. In order to try on the clothes, I either had to leave Indi outside the changerooms completely (there was not enough room to leave her outside a door in the corridor – she would have been out of both ear/eye shot) or try on my clothes in the corridor of the changerooms (this is what I opted to do… But it did mean I ditched the jeans I wanted to try on). Mildly humiliating, but hey I’m a mum, it kinda comes with the territory these days. Got forbid I had been in a wheelchair though. F21 Brisbane should really know better – there would be no options for someone in a wheelchair to change. I understand that those changerooms have the biggest space and therefore hold the most stock, but they are bigger for a reason. I felt pretty unwelcome by the experience in store. I was really excited to try things on and get in store to experience F21, and honestly, the whole experience left a sour taste.

Have you visited the Brisbane store? What were your thoughts?

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  1. Great review Jo! It really irks me how plus size ranges are given very little thought when it comes to merchandising and store placement. I was at a major retailer a few weeks ago who because they were having a sale had stripped the plus size section completely. They left 1 hanging rack of plus and filled the entire section with regular size sale stock…sent a poor message.
    Jenni from Styling Curvy recently posted…VANNILA CAKE THAT TURNED INTO CUPCAKESMy Profile

    1. It’s so sad when they do that. I got an email today from the U.S. Forever 21 store about a special VIP sale – for women’s, men’s, teens, accessories… But not plus. It’s the only section in the entire store that’s not included in the sale. Massive sad face.

  2. Pram friendly layouts and change rooms are really something stores need to be aware of, and not just the “mumsy” shops either. I have a slimline pram and still find it nearly impossible to get around some shops like Cotton On, Dotti and even Sussan.

    It’s time to end the discrimination against fashionable mums!
    Beth at recently posted…OutfitsMy Profile

    1. I know right 🙂 I specifically bought a slim pram so I could shop, and I get stuck all the time. You’re right – Susans gets me all the time. Usually there’s only one pram friendly route around the whole store and if I detour I get stuck.

  3. I haven’t been to the Brisbane one, but I shopped for years in Forever21 stores in Manila. They are very inconsistent with the sizing. I have bought some clothes from the regular line when I was a size Aus16. One of my favourite boyfriend jeans (well, used to be, as I bought it as a UK18) was from the regular line – non-stretchy too.

    Hope they branch out here in Melbourne.
    Chel recently posted…Tough ChickMy Profile

  4. I hear you on the Mum front! The amount of times I have gone shopping and either put clothes back because I can’t take my little miss in the changing room, or I avoid shops completely because they are so cluttered and everything is so close together you can’t get a pram through. They also make me feel incredibly claustrophobic! I used to work in retail and the fact they had stock piled up in the customer changing rooms is pretty awful!

    1. It’s actually something I didn’t think about until I was a pram wielding mum desperate to do a spot of shopping. It’s one thing not to cater to me, but it would have been a humiliating experience for anyone less abled.

  5. I dropped in within the first week of opening as hubby and I were staying in the new Next hotel directly next door for the Lion King. I too was SO excited to get in store………. and that is where the excitement ended. The entire store was a chaotic mess of mixed up clothing piled high and all over th floor. The plus size section was an after thought of boring black basics and the staff were super busy pretending to be busy? Due to the mess and the lack of organisation the shop was more like some sort of seconds outlet with things rolled in balls and on the floor. This made it all look super cheap and not one bit appealing.
    I bought nothing, and couldn’t really get out quick enough. I haven’t been back and don’t plan on going back either. Sorry F21!

  6. Hi! I’m yet to go to the Sydney store, have you been back since the post was written, any update on plus size clothing? I’ve looked online and when you click Forever 21+ it comes up with the Sydney store so I thought they may have the line in, but i’m not holding my breath. They were advertising for staff for their Pitt Street Store which will be huge! Hopefully they make the effort to get the line in there!

    1. No I haven’t been back – But I’ll be heading to the Pitt Street one as soon as it opens. I can’t get a definite opening date but I think it’s a good sign they are advertising for staff! I’ll keep you posted!

  7. I just wanted to thank you for this post. I’m on holidays from Melbourne and was tagging along with my SIL for a day trip to Forever 21, while looking it up online prior to our visit I found your post about the Forever 21+ range. I was really happy to know that they have this in Australia as I can’t find the plus range in my local H&M. I was disappointed to hear prior to my visit about the limited range. Anyway I went along today with an open mind and while this store in no way measures up to the 20+ stores I have visited in the US, I was quite impressed with my purchases. In the US the prices are about ½ or ¼ of the price of the and there range is fantastic and on trend for plus size. I managed to score a few bargains which is great. Like you I was really disappointed with the store experience, there was only one change room open with a big Q and clothes everywhere. Then when it came time to pay it was very show and overall not the best experience. Anyway I do like shopping at Forever 21 and hope we manage to have one open in Melbourne sometime soon!

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