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It’s SWIMWEAR week in the Aussie Curves challenge – and today in talking about one of the things I’m most passionate about – sun safety.

People always comment on my good skin – my mum’s fab genetics get part of the credit, but the other part goes to her unwavering, nagging, constant insistence on sunscreen. So today, I’m dedicating my post to my mum, who always knows what’s best.

Let’s face it, time in the sun, the beach, tanned skin, glistening bodies – the sun conjures up all kinds of sexy imagery – and this year I’m out to prove that sensible sun safety can be sexy – yep – this here is your guide on how to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP yourself SEXY!

So here are my top tips – and I’m starting with the basics here!

Sunscreen and invisible zinc

It’s a no brainer. Anyone my age grew up lathered in sunscreen. As the science behind sunscreen has developed, sunscreens have evolved and so finding the right one for your skin can now be a bit trickier, but worth the investment. Being pale, I use Banana Boat Ultra sunscreen. I use the pump pack liquid form to put a solid coat on my body before venturing into the sun. Because I’m both pale and lazy, I reapply using the misting spray on version. It’s quick and easy, and I can ask anyone to help me reapply without anyone actually having to touch me.

I also cannot stress enough the importance of using a specific face sunscreen on your face. I didn’t think it mattered, until the time my eyelids got chemical burns from repeated use of body sunscreen on my delicate face. I use the clear Invisible Zinc on my face and it works a treat. It can be a little shiny, and the color is a touch too dark on me – so I just use a lighter colored face powder to give it a little blot on top – works a treat!


Protect that Pout

I have always been blessed with big lips. Lips that I regrettably neglected a lot in my teens. Take it from someone who has burnt her lips more times than she cares to think about – lips burn, then blister, then scab, the crack and bleed – and their ain’t nothing you can do about it. OH WAIT! There is! Wear lip sunscreen! Please. Proper lip protection please! I wear Nivea sun protect as I feel like it moisturizers my lips as well as protecting them.

Stylish hats

I’m talking proper hats – you know – where the brim provides actual shade over the whole of your face from the sun. Fedoras are cute, but not wildly successful at providing full sun protection. I always opt for a cap or wide brim hat. Both of these are from Kmart and cost under $10! If you’re after a more sports luxe look, try a leatherette cap – have fun with it – a hat can add a lot of style to your outfit.


Cover Ups

When your not in the water, cover those shoulders! Bringing a scarf along to the beach is a lightweight and versatile way to give your skin a little break from direct sunlight. Do you know how to turn a scarf into a kimono? It’s such a neat trick – just knot the corners together! I’ll be posting a step-by-step guide on how to do this on Tuesday if you’re struggling so stay tuned!

Swimmers: Robyn Lawley Swimwear
Hat: Kmart
Scarf/Kimono: Kmart

Ultimate protection – the Rashie

No longer reserved for surfie chicks and daggy dads – the Rashie has had a revamp thanks to companies like Bombshell Bay Swimwear, and she’s now available in the season’s hottest prints. Im wearing the size 16 Palm Canyon Drive Set from Bombshell Bay Swimwear (that’s their largest size) – check out their full range in fab prints here. There are other plus size options available through companies like Babes in the Shade available through Elsa Active (up to a size 20) and I’ve even seen them at Best and Less (up to a size 26)!

Swimmers: Bombshell Bay Swimwear gifted
Hat: Kmart


There you go – get out there, enjoy the sunshine, be sexy but sensible and protect yo’ self!


13 thoughts on “Aussie Curves {Swimwear}

    1. Thanks so much Nikki – I totally agree. I so wish there were options like this when i was younger – i would have been a lot less resistant to the sub safety message in my teens if rashies looked like that!

  1. Some great tips there Jo! I still cant get over the fact that you just had a baby! You look so great!
    Im loving the look of that Rashie on you! It is something different to what is usually seen but gorgeous! Very trend worthy! And sunsmart!
    I also love the sufgestion of a scarf, kimono ir scarf turned kimono as a cover up!

    Great blog post chick!!
    Charlene recently posted…Aussie Curves 3.0 – ShoesMy Profile

  2. both swimsuits are goreous on you, love the yellow cover up! I have been super good at applying sunscreen but the other day I was out too long and got quite burnt. I hate this feeling. Aloe Vera to the rescue! Have now bought myself a 10$ cover up and an extra bottle of sweat/waterproof sunblock! oh even a hat!
    Ezmae recently posted…Bikini Time!My Profile

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