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A while ago, I read this post by Little J Style about what makes an outfit pin-worthy, and she talked about adding a third layer to outfits to create that stylish and polished look. So if she wore a top and skirt (layers 1 and 2) she needed another layer to the outfit to add depth and polish.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this concept and I think it’s a great tip for putting together your 30 items for the Shop What You Got Challenge and for creating really stylish outfits as we go. The ‘Polish’ layer can change the whole look of your base pieces and give you many more stylish outfits from the same staple pieces. By including versatile polish pieces in your 30 items – you maximize your re-styling options!

There are a number of ‘free items’ (ie items that are not included in your 30 list) which could make up your ‘Polish’ outfit layer. Things like statement jewellery and bags, hats, belts and scarves can really help to change the look of an outfit. However, there are a number of key pieces you may want to think about including in your 30 item list.

A Blazer

add polish to your outfit with a Blazer

Something light and spring appropriate, a blazer can give structure to a slouchy outfit and give a real stylish edge to a casual tee. You could go a plain blazer – the white blazer, although not the most practical item in the wardrobe, is bang on trend for this season and is a must-have piece in my list. Alternatively you could add a patterned or floral blazer if you have gone with a lot of basic tops and pants to bring some interest to your outfits…

A Kimono

add polish to your outfit with a kimono

The kimono, as well as being an on-trend piece again this SS14 season, can help to bring a lot of interest to an otherwise plain or basic outfit. You can also wear a kimono belted or unbelted for even more looks.

A light Knit Cardigan

add polish to your outfit with a cardigan knit

This is probably a good idea just from a weather/warmth perspective – but a nice light cardigan can add polish to an outfit without seeming too dressed up or formal. It can also be practical from a sun-safety standpoint as well, helping to keep your shoulders covered from the sun.

A Chambray Top

add polish to your outfit with a Chambray Top

My Chambray top was probably one of my MVPs from the Challenge last year. Not only can you wear it as a top, but you can also wear it a number of different ways as your polish layer – open, knotted at your waist, tied around your hips…

A Vest

add polish to your outfit with a vest

Another on-trend piece for SS14 – whether you go denim, faux leather, or a sleeveless blazer (like me) a vest is another great idea for a polish layer piece. They can go over dresses to give a whole new look to the outfit.

A Jacket

add polish to your outfit with a jacket

This one will depend on where you live, but with Sydney’s unpredictable weather – this one is a must on my list! By choosing an interesting piece – like leather to give texture, or an anorak to give an unusual shape, you can also use a jacket to add some spice to basic outfits.

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So, throw open that wardrobe and think carefully about your polish layer – what have you already got that could work… And make sure you leave some room in your 30 items for a little polish…

How are you going with your list?

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