Returning an ASOS item using the courier option

This is just a quick update post following on from my previous posts about returning items to ASOS.

There are three returns options when returning items to ASOS:

Option 1: Same Day Courier Pick up
Option 2: PrePaid Australia Post Drop Off
Option 3: Traditional Regular Post


I posted about Option 3 here, and listed the pros and cons of each method here, and my experience using Option 2 here. So, the obvious next step would be try Option 1, which, what do you know! I did!

Option 1 – Same Day Courier Pick up

With this option, you book your return pickup before 2pm Monday-Friday and a courier will come and pick up your returns package right from your home or office on the same day!
Cost: Sydney: $5.95
Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, Wollongong, Gosford, Geelong, Ballarat or Bendigo: $7.44
Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba: $7.95
Rest of Australia and regional: $10.95

It’s free for ASOS Premier members (like me!). Actually both Options 1 & 2 are free for Premier members.

I’ve actually used this option twice. The first time, I booked it on a Sunday for a Monday pickup. I had no issues filling out the online form. When it came to the payment page, it recognized my email address automatically as a Premier member and so it was free.

One thing I did not realise is that I needed to print out a label and attach it to my parcel. I don’t have a printer at home so this caused a few issues – but both options 1 & 2 require a printer. This would not be a problem if I wasn’t on maternity leave or wasn’t in the process of moving house and had packed the printer. Luckily my parents-in-law came to the rescue – but be warned – you will need a printer.

Anyway, I waited at home for the courier to arrive, it got to 1pm, I had to go out and they hadn’t come yet so I just put the package on my doorstep, by the time I got back at 3pm the package had gone. Two days later, I got email confirming the return to ASOS and another two days and the money was back in my account.

The second time, I wanted to use the same day function, so went online and booked the return at 10am, and by 2:30pm the courier knocked on my door and picked up the package. Again, two days later, I got a confirmation email, the money took a few more days to hot my account but there was a weekend in there too.

So, easy peasy happy customer here!

For anyone that is interested, my Premier membership cost $39 for one year. I get free express shipping with every order (no minimum spend) and free returns using options 1&2. I also have received a few VIP discount codes – the other day I got one for 20% off all full priced items, you also get early sales previews and an ASOS magazine every now and then – which is Ok but not really my thing.

Have you tried any of the ASOS returns options? What was your experience like?

4 thoughts on “Returning an ASOS item using the courier option

  1. Thanks for the information. I’ve only ever used option 3, so will try this one next time. I’m also a Premier Member and I do think it’s worth having. However, it really frustrates me that the ASOS magazine doesn’t have a “Curve” section. There are so many plus size bloggers in the UK who they could feature.

  2. I’ve never had a problem with ASOS returns but have read a few bad reviews of things taking a few weeks to get refunded.
    I joined up as an ASOS premier member and it’s been worth the membership fee in free returns alone! I can order a couple of sizes and send back what doesn’t fit at no charge. Their claim of 2 day delivery has never happened though but it sounded unrealistic when I read it.

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