Mid-Year Stocktake

Ok, so “Stocktake Sale” are two of my all time favourite words, but I hadn’t really thought about what it meant apart from bargains. The chance to look around, see where you are, and where you have come, clear out some things, be grateful, and look forward to the next season or chapter.

Two of my gorgeous blogging buddies, Sonia at Sonia Styling and Vanessa from Style and Shenanigans have recently taken part in a mid year stocktake. It seemed like a wonderful opportunity to sit back and reflect before the craziness of the rest of this year hits! Pip of Meet Me at Mike’s has written a beautiful list to help take stock and record what’s happening in your life, so I will be using it as my stocktake list and you can read her post here.


Making: a baby! After several years of trying, this year we could not be happier to see every glimpse of our growing baby. I’ve had a fabulous pregnancy, and given it was what we wanted more than anything else, I would not complain about the little stuff for a second.

Cooking: a lot of fish. Both a New Years resolution “to grow up and eat fish”, and doctors orders. I’m experimenting with different ways of cooking it. My hubby also tries to eat a primarily paleo diet, so that has changed the way I cook too this year.

Drinking: zero alcohol or caffeine. Giving up Pepsi Max was definitely harder than giving up wine!

Reading: endless literature to get through my masters. I’m taking a semester off for baby, but am hoping to jump back into study before I head back to work as a way to ease into the headspace.

Wanting: a Camel coloured cape. I’m obsessed!

Looking: out my window at the beautiful Lake Illawarra and just being grateful for where I live. A busy life can mean I sometimes forget just how beautiful it is and just how lucky I am to look out over it everyday.

Playing: *cue groan* Candy Crush. I can’t help it, it’s a compulsion.

Deciding: on everything for the new house. I don’t think that hubby and I have ever had SO many discussions about trivial details – going back and forth for days about a particular choice, both adamant about our preference, only to break down in giggles realising that neither of us actually care that much about the handles on laundry doors or profile of the architraves. I don’t think I realised heading into the process just how many decisions had to be made, and that it would be constant.

Wishing: that the contentment in my life right now will last and last.

Enjoying: my work. Personally, I’m thrilled to be pregnant, but professionally I just really felt like I was kicking goals and loving my job. It will be there in a couple of months, I know, but I was really enjoying the work swing.

Waiting: for what feels like FOREVER for our new house to be finished. We were supposed to be in by the end of March, then April, then May… Now it’s a race between baby and house, and I’ve got a strong feeling that I will be in the delivery room before everything is finalised with the house!


Liking: pastels. Coats, leathers, hair. I’m loving them all. I’m so tempted to put some pastel purple in my hair now that I’m not working, but I’m worried about being judged…

Wondering: a lot about blog direction. I started out as a purely plus size fashion blog, but I think these days I’m more about size diversity and style no matter what size. Although today’s post has been a little baby/motherhood focused (but that’s only because I’m taking stock of my life right now), I’m not sure how I want to handle being a mum and blogging. I guess I will just have to wait and see how I feel, but I really don’t have big plans to turn iCurvy into a mummy-blog. I started this journey because of my love of fashion and style, and I hoping I get to keep this little space about me and my passions.

Loving: Grey and White and chevrons…

Pondering: if I’m going to regret that my new house contains a hell of a lot of Grey and White and Chevrons…

Considering: changing my hair. I’ve been wanting a change for ages – I’ve had the ombré look for about 2 years now, which is a super long time for me. If I knew what to change to, I’d take the plunge… All suggestions welcome.

Watching: Both Offspring and Masterchef. I’ve been a loyal Offspring fan for years, and watching Nina’s trademark awkwardness never fails to make me giggle. Masterchef will depend on the season, but I’m obsessed with this year’s offering. Just quietly, it has inspired a few kitchen fails from my hubby, but you can’t knock a guy for trying 🙂

Hoping: that I’m going to be able to juggle everything. Motherhood, my career, study, the blog. I don’t really know how I’m going to handle it all, this one is a wait-and-see I think!

Marvelling: at my sister who has just given birth to her fourth child. With three under three, I just don’t know how she does it, she is a Wonder Woman.

Needing: my eyebrows done. Fixing my eyebrows was another New Years resolution, unfortunately one I haven’t really done anything about… I have a feeling they will soon be plummeting to the bottom of the priority list 🙁

Smelling: the same old signature scent. I’ve been wearing Dolce and Gabbana, The One, for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried other things, but that’s the one that speaks to me.

Wearing: a lot of sweater dresses at the moment. I’m in love with them – they are the perfect combination of stylish and warmth for winter and will actually be sad to see the weather get warmer and my sweater dresses get packed away.

Following: about a hundred blogs! I’ve never read so many blogs in my life before and in totally loving it. I love the different perspectives, and writing, and style. I love being able to see someone’s style signature – I’m not sure I have one of those, I’m pretty transient with trends and go with the flow, but I’m loving bloggers with a strong sense of style who interpret the trends according to their personal style.

Noticing: and relishing every kick, roll and bump of baby. I think I’m really going to miss that feeling, but I guess you actually have a baby to goo and gah over once they are on the outside. It’s just such a special feeling in my life right now.

Knowing: I’m rock solid in my relationship. I’ve never felt so connected and ‘on the same page’ as hubby. I know all relationships go through cycles, but I’m loving where we are at the moment. It’s effortless, it’s full of love and support and there’s plenty of excitement about the next step.


Thinking: about my post baby wardrobe. I know that my style will have to change for practical things like ability to breastfeed – but I’ve been thinking about the opportunity to purge my closet and refine my style. If I do it, I’ll post about it, I promise 🙂

Feeling: really truely happy. It’s so nice to take a minute to realise how happy you are…

Admiring: the women in my life. The friends I grew up with who are capable career women, my mum and my sister for their wonderful support, my blogging friends for their dedication, determination, support and success. I can’t believe that I made it to the top 40 in the Kidspot blog awards this year for Beauty and Lifestyle, but I can totally believe that the incredibly talented Sonia of Sonia Styling was named in the top 5. She is fabulous, her blog is fabulous, and I have no doubt there are fabulous things in her future.

Sorting: through boxes and boxes of crap in preparation for our move. Hubby and I only moved into this house 6 years ago – how is it possible that we have hoarded so much stuff in such a short time. I’m loving the purge though – cleansing through the things we don’t need. It has, however, brought up some interesting discussions between hubby and I about what we need. in my opinion, the year 8 sporting participation medals and ribbons can go… Hubby has a different take on it…

Buying: a lot from ASOS – I have to make the most of my premier membership, so with free delivery and free returns, my shopping cart is getting a bit of a workout!

Getting: packages in the mail, and I’m loving having hubby baffled as to whether it’s my online shopping or a blogging package. Snap on that one Sonia – and I intend to keep it that way too!

Bookmarking: Paleo recipes. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not for me, but I’m trying to be supportive, and I do think the less processed and highly refined foods we eat, the better.

Disliking: all the baby name opinions and promising never ever ever to make any comments ever again about a name a pregnant lady says she likes. Unless she expressly asks, I now know she is not looking for your opinion about the name. I always thought “how are you going with names?” was a pretty innocent question, it’s not and I will steer clear in future!

Opening: myself up to new experiences. Last year I agreed to ‘model’ for Nikki’s book, ‘Unlock Your Style‘. Not only did I have a fabulous time, but the book will be released shortly and I’m so proud to be part of something so special, and it has opened me up to a who new world of blogging friends, including fellow models Norlin and Dee.

Giggling: at my friend’s children, and my nieces and nephews – they bring a joy to my life that I didn’t think was even possible.

Snacking: on Cadbury’s peppermint chocolate and Snack block. Custard. Oh and green olives. But not all together!

Coveting: the clothes I can buy in a few months!

Helping: in little ways with Aussie Curves. This year I agreed to become an administrator of a fabulous Facebook group of Curvy ladies. Aussie Curves – both the challenge and the Facebook group has meant to much to me and has really helped me develop my confidence in experimenting with different styles, that I’m more than happy to help out in any way that I can.

Hearing: lots of pop-tastic music – singing in my car is absolutely one of my guilty pleasures.


So, that’s it, the whole she-bang! And a couple of personal pics that I don’t usually share.

When’s the last time you stood still and took stock of where you are? If you would like to give this epic list a go – here it is!


If you blog and do your own stocktake, make sure you leave a link to it in the comments – I’d love to read a bit more about what’s happening with you. Not a blogger? Why not pick a couple words and tell me about it below…

18 thoughts on “Mid-Year Stocktake

  1. Oh I’m so glad you did this, Jo! What an amazing list. I too an grateful for your support and friendship. You’re such a gem of a person and I have no doubt you’re going to be an amazing mum. Can’t wait to see Baby iCurvy! x

  2. I’ve always thought you were gorgeous and now this! Thank you for sharing your stock take. I loved it!

    Love the baby waiting happiness stage too. Reading this reminded me of that intensely wonderful time of anticipation and of all the great things that followed. Wishing you and Mr iCurvy and bambino all the love and happiness in the world in your fabulous new house. xxx

  3. Hey Jo…I loved this post! Its wonderful to catch a glimpse of your life and see what inspires you and makes you happy! You look absolutely radiant and gorgeous in your latest pictures. I wish you all the very best in your journey as a mum:-) Can’t wait to see you in Nikki’s book!
    Kalyani recently posted…Simplified winter outfits: 1My Profile

  4. Hi, thanks for sharing. Love the idea of doing a stocktake of my life. Something I’ll do when I go on holiday in a couple of weeks.
    I’m in the same boat as you in regards to hair, really bored with my hair but no idea of what to experiment with next. Mine’s short and very fine so not a lot of options. I’m fair haired so usually play around with different blonds. Tried going red once and it ended up pink. Have thought about going darker in colour but then would have to tint my eyebrows and eyelashes..
    I’ve been following your blog for almost a year and really enjoy it. So I’m selfishly hoping that your blogging direction doesn’t change too much 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for commenting 🙂 I always toss up the idea of going darker – but the second I do, I miss the blonde 🙂

      I have no great plans for a change in direction – iCurvy will hopefully be the same style and fashion refuge it has always been xx

  5. Wonder which one will come first too – the finished house or your bub. Either way, I think they’re both just as exciting! Glad I got to meet and learn more about you through “the making of” Nikki’s book. Can’t wait to see what your next journey will bring. Meanwhile, I guess you’ll just have to sit and enjoy the wonderful ride you’re on already 😉 x
    Norlin recently posted…Love, Like & Loathe: Maleficent, Violet Box Birthday Edition & InsensitivityMy Profile

  6. Love this! What a fun idea. And what a year it has been for you lady. With lots more exciting stuff to come.

    The house looks great too, by the way, I love sneak peeking behind the scenes of construction projects. It’s the real estate brat in me. Haha. More house, more house! 😉
    Melissa {Suger} recently posted…How to look good in photosMy Profile

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