Kmart’s new plus size line – Alexia

A few years back – before their major rebrand, Kmart used to be a hidden gem for reasonably priced plus size clothing. While I am a massive massive fan of the rest of the changes Kmart has made over the last few years – I was sad to see their plus size line reduced to a few basics and bedazzled t-shirts. I first heard the rumors just over 12 months ago, Kmart had a new plus size buyer and change was in the air. This excited me – their straight size line is full of fabulous fashion finds, and as I scoured the racks looking for some cheap maternity jeans (great over the bump jeans for $20 in black and dark wash by the way) I came across the first few items if their new line – Alexia.


The Alexia line ranges in size from 18-28 and is modified plus size sizing – similar to the Moda line in Target. The size 18 in the Alexia line is certainly larger than the size 18 in their other fashion lines.

Now, while it is a mass step up from the basics of a few months ago, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a fashion forward line. It certainly won’t be rivaling bellecurve at Target from what I have seen so far, however, it is incredibly low priced, season appropriate pieces, with some cute design features. So are you ready to check it out?

Some simple cowl neck knits to start – one with cute pink Chevron detail, the other colour blocked in on-trend greys – $25 each.


There are some great basic graphics – Stripes $15 and Chevron $12. I love the finer striped detail on the sleeves and the v-neck.


Looking at their knits – I’m a sucker for cable knit and they had a very cool hot pink cable knit for $25 (also available in dark grey); then a staple waterfall knit cardigan in two tone greys $30; and I’m a bit undecided about this white open knit oversized jumper – bit I think with a bit of creative styling, it could be really great $20.


Now to prints – fairly standard monochrome print shirt $15, and bright mirror print tunic $15. The graphics are quite nice, but if I’m honest, the cuts could be much better. There is still a bagginess to the line which is not exactly modern, and while not for me, might suit someone else.


In addition to the items pictured, there were plenty of jeans ($20), on-trend plain sweaters in pretty colours ($12) and plain long sleeve tshirts in great bright colours for just $8.

So there it is, a sneak peek at the new line. A step in the right direction, but in my opinion, still a little way to come. The price point is certainly lower than anything else available locally in Australia; the quality – well, you get what you pay for; but I’d like to see some better cuts, not everyone wants to cover up in an oversized top.

Have you been in to check it out? Anything catch your eye?

11 thoughts on “Kmart’s new plus size line – Alexia

    1. Haha… Mesh & open weave always scares me and I think I will end up looking like the only gay in the village from Little Britain 😉

      Did you pick it up? I’d love to see how you styled it x

  1. I’m a bit sad that I can’t get plain v neck t shirts in the Alexia range anymore. I really hope they come back. The Kmart near me doesn’t seem to have much of a range anymore.

    1. I agree with Virginia. those t shirts were so handy. I bought 8 for gym and garden and this year they looked a bit sad so went to replace them and nowhere to be found. Mine were actually more of a V-neck polo (with a collar). I still wear the ones I have gardening but please bring them back.

  2. It annoys me that a lot of tops are made of some synthetic material that is hot and the sleeves have splits in them now. I realise that this is the fashion these days. To be honest I don’t want to be wearing synthetic gear in middle of summer. 🙁

  3. I have a pair of herim pants i have had for many years i am trying to get some more dose alexia have them light fabric

  4. I want to say thank you for the Alexia range of clothing.
    I am a big lady and very hard to find clothes that really sit right,.
    These shorts look like skirts are tremendous, comfortable, stylish, you can dress up or down with the right top and shoe/sandal. The light long pants with design are also in.

    Thank you Alexia for making this happen and also to Kmart for suppling her brand.
    Keep it up.

  5. Hi Jo {lol}

    I am wondering if you know how we can buy this brand off season as i got some shorts for present and they are the only ones that fit me as am a size 26 and hard to find clothes to fit .

    Cheers Jo

  6. Hi
    Can i order the Alexia Wide leg black pants from any other kmart or anywhere else please? Best pants for work and cannot find a single pair.

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