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So, I have previously written about my experience with the traditional ASOS returns system – but now ASOS Australia has teamed up with Termando to provide a few different options for returning your ASOS goods.


There are now 3 options:

Option 1 – Same Day Courier Pick up

Book your return pickup before 2pm Monday-Friday and a courier will come and pick up your returns package right from your home or office! 
Sydney: $5.95
Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, Wollongong, Gosford, Geelong, Ballarat or Bendigo: $7.44
Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba: $7.95
Rest of Australia and regional: $10.95

Pros: So cheap and convenient, no need to leave your house. All Paid for online. Size of your package doesn’t matter.
Cons: You need to be somewhere where a courier can pick up your goods. Only one order can be returned in the one package.

Option 2: PrePaid Australia Post Drop Off

Book your item online, pay online and print out your postage paid returns label – then at your convenience drop it off to your local post office. The cost includes tracking of your parcel.
Cost: $7.45

Pros: Cheaper than regular postage, plus it’s tracked and all paid for online. Size of the package doesn’t matter.
Cons: You need a printer for the return label and you still need to drop it off at your post office (but it quick). Only one order can be returned in the one package.

Option 3: Traditional Regular Post

Rock up at your local post office – and pay for postage of your item back to the Sydney Returns address.
Cost: Varies depending on your location and the size of your package.

Pros: You can pay cash at the post office and the post office staff can help you out. If you have multiple packages to return, it may be cheaper to pack them all into one package and go the traditional postage route.
Cons: LINES at the post office! Could be much more expensive depending on your location and size of the package.

My Experience

Because I work full time – and can’t get couriers to pick up from my work, I decided to go with Option 2.

The first time I tried to book my return, the website wasn’t working properly, so it was a bit of a false start. You have 28 days from the date of delivery to return your goods, so I wasn’t that stressed about it. I just left it a couple of days and tried again.



Second time – everything worked perfectly. I was a little bit confused about whether to put in MY address, or the address of the post office I intended to drop my package off at… turns out – you input your own details into the webpage. So after filling it in with my name and address, I was taken to the payment page. I made the online payment and was then taken to a printable address label to put on my package. As a bonus using this option – the size of the package doesn’t really matter – so I just taped up the big box that all of my stuff came in, filled in the returns paperwork and popped it inside, taped my returns label to the top of the box and took it down to the local post office. I did have to line up – they scan in the bar-code on your returns label and give you a receipt with your tracking number.

A few days later – I got an email from ASOS confirming my return!

Easy As!

I’m really stoked with this new system. For me, it was easy peasy and cost effective. If I only had to return one small item, I may think about doing it the old fashioned way since you do have to line up at the Post Office anyway and since I am in Sydney, it may be cheaper, but let’s face it – I’m probably a convert now to the new system.

Have you used any of the new returns systems? I’d love to hear from anyone who has used the courier option (option 1). Maybe when I am off work for a while I will give it a go – being able to return items without leaving my house it certainly an exciting prospect!



As of last night – ASOS Premier went on sale, and for the first time, I have decided to sign up. A yearly membership is available for $39, and as part of the deal for a very limited time, ASOS Premier includes free unlimited returns in addition to the other great membership features – including free express shipping (even when you are using a discount code) and first access to sales. I am a chronic over-order-er and frequent returner – signing up for ASOS Premier gives me the freedom to order multiple sizes in items, select the best fit and return (for free) what doesn’t work. I’d only need to do it a couple times a year for it to pay for itself – not to mention getting my items free express shipped every time – three business days between clicking and delivering – yes please! To sign up for ASOS Premier – click here

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    1. Also – ASOS has again changed their returns methods. This post was correct at the time of publishing. For up-to-date information – you should contact ASOS directly more info at

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