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Pattern clash can be a difficult one to pull off. For me, There’s a fine line between chic and hobo-bag-lady and when you pattern clash, you walk that fine line.

So here are my top 5 tips for pulling off a great pattern clash for beginners.



1. Pick your ‘hero’ pattern and compliment not compete with it.
In terms of the vibrancy and scale of the prints you are mixing – decide on which pattern is the ‘hero’ of the outfit and build your look from there. Your ‘hero’ pattern should be the more bold or bigger pattern in terms of vibrancy and scale. The other print should compliment your ‘hero’ and not compete with it. The ‘hero’ print is the real pattern, if you squint – your complimenting print is really a plain.

2. Keep it in the family.
The colour family that is… Pick a colour from your ‘hero’ pattern and look for a colour in the same family in the coordinating pattern. The entire outfit doesn’t need to be from the same colour family, but it will help to visually tied your two prints together and make your outfit more aesthetically pleasing.


3. Look for natural pattern partners
If you are just starting out, look for natural pattern partners. The easiest ones to start with are polka dots and stripes, stripes and florals, leopard print with stripes, polka dots and florals, tartan and polka dots. These are ready-made perfect partners so it’s just a matter of tuning colours and vibrancy.

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4. Keep everything else neutral
Accessories, other clothing items, shoes – keep it all neutral – your outfit already has a ‘hero’, let it do it’s job.


5. Three is a crowd – Don’t overdo it
Two patterns is chic – any more and you better be a fabulous fashion-forward fashionista or a hobo. Keep it simple and beginners should stick to a maximum if two patterned pieces in an outfit.

Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration when trying out a new look or being more bold with your style. Simply searching “mixing patterns” or “pattern clash outfit” will literally return you hours worth of outfits to draw inspiration from… And of course – you can always follow me on Pinterest too!

So, taking my own advice onboard, here is my outfit for pattern clash week…



I’ve gone for one of the natural partners – florals and stripes. The floral blazer is the ‘hero’ print in this outfit. I love that even though it is a floral, it has dark undertones and it’s perfect for gloomier weather. To ensure this was the hero print, I decided to complement it with a strong graphic. As the floral blazer has quite a watery print, something similar would compete rather than compliment. So I knew I was looking for a graphic print – in order to keep it in the colour family, I knew I was looking at blues, purples, blacks and whites. I pulled immediately pulled out this black and white A-line skirt from Dorothy Perkins. Keeping everything else neutral, I went with black to make sure the blazer remained the hero pattern of the outfit.


Blazer: Katies
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Jumper: Best and Less
Tights: Target
Flats: Target
Clutch: Colette
Necklace: Billabong



For this challenge, I shopped my closet, so it’s all from a few seasons ago – but I’ve done some digging to try and find options that you can purchase right now!

Black and White Stripe Skirt: I’ve dug up a couple of really great options at different price points on this one! So, if your heart is set on an A-line style skirt – then this one on Etsy can be custom made to your size, and as a bonus – they will make in in a number of different colours! Still in an A-line, but in black and white vertical stripes (also on Etsy) is this number. If a tube skirt is more your style – then this one at Dorothy Perkins is available up to a size 22 and is an absolute steal, or available in a range of plus sizes is this tube skirt from 17 Sundays available through THE ICONIC. If you are not bold enough to try the full black and white stripe, then you can achieve this look through texture – and this Autograph mesh and black stripe skirt is pretty impressive. Looking to splurge? Then this stunning Carmakoma Stripe panel pencil skirt is for you!

Floral Blazer: Also in deep Autumn colours with dark undertones is this Floral Blazer from Dorothy Perkins, or also from Dorothy Perkins is this gorgeous Floral Blazer in pretty blues – although both are only available up to a size 18. ASOS Curve also deliver up some great plus size options with this Monochrome Print Jacket with pink Embroidery, or this really special Quilted Floral Jacket which has made it’s way to the top of my wishlist for winter.  I loved this print on the 17 Sundays runway at Curvy Couture Roadshow, and am happy to report that it’s available in a Blazer from THE ICONIC – in brilliant blue and orange, or another CCR brand – Lucabella with this Blue and Black Floral Blazer with dipped hem also via THE ICONIC. Lastly, but certainly not least, there’s this City Chic Floral Bomber Jacket – which as a bonus is currently on sale!



Thus concludes my little online window shopping – I hope you found something useful in this post. If nothing else, hopefully some great tips for pattern mixing, and hopefully the confidence to give it a go!


For more outfit inspiration – make sure you check out the other Aussie Curves girls in the Blog Hop below…





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