What I wore to Soundwave Music Festival

I know there is a lot of googling going on about what to wear to a music festival – and I can see you coming here to get some answers, so I thought I would share my most recent festival outfit – worn last Sunday for Soundwave.

Dressing for a festival: It shouldn’t be stressful, it should all be about the music and the bands and the vibe, but it IS a little bit about the fashion. One thing I love about Soundwave as opposed to Big Day Out is that it does seem to be a bit more about the music. The crowd’s a little older – they know who the bands are and are there to see them… Not just be at the festival (if you know what I mean).

I usually plan two outfits – one for a hot day and one if it’s cool. There’s nothing worse than sweltering through a 35degree+ day in your jeans, or freezing waiting for your favorite band to come on at night because the temperature dropped to 15degrees. Big Day Out was moderate temperature this year and I wore this Playsuit.

While there was sunshine planned for Sunday, they were predicting a drop in temperature and potentially a storm for Soundwave. So versatility was the name of the outfit game.


I knew straight up I wanted to wear my Harlow Wet’n’Wild Scuba leggings – and I was going to wear them as pants. They honestly are one of my most favourite items in my wardrobe – potentially even my most worn item, and are the perfect mix of comfort and rock’n’roll for a music festival. As a guide, I’m wearing the size small (16).

Boots were a no-brainer – toe protection – even though I had no intention over venturing into the mosh pit this year, was still high on my agenda. I chose these ankle biker style boots that I got ages ago from Dorothy Perkins. Ankle boots are a pretty hot item for autumn so I’ve been able to track down some pretty fabulous similar options…

Top (L-R) Grey Bling Strap Ankle Boots | SPURR – Hillary Cut-out Ankle Boots | Dr Martens – 1460 8 Eye Boots
Middle (L-R) Bertie Punk Rock Stud Biker Boot | Pink Pastel Lace Up Boots | Senso – Bertie
Bottom (L-R) Trooper – Blink | Hanna – Glamour Puss | Zensu – Gentile

Next for a top – this is wear it had to be cool enough for day and warm enough for night. When I was traveling to Japan last year, I purchased some long sleeve plus size bodysuits with a scoop neck from eBay. Well, they are supposed to be scoop neck, but they slide right off my rounded shoulders (I have the same issue with bra straps and bags) and it sits off the shoulder for me – and on the plus size – I kinda love it worn like that. The material is quite thin (for Japan they were one of the many many layers worn and worked brilliantly for keeping up my stockings/thermals/tights under my pants) and the sleeves easily scrunch up to short sleeve (I’m wearing the size 16/18 and it’s a good fit. I’d recommend sizing up as even though it’s a plus size listing, the sizing is straight sized). I threw on an old chiffon shirt from Kmart, and since I was not convinced if be warm enough at night, I tied a thick-ish denim shirt (from Fashion to Figure) around my waist as insurance for the weather later.

It was pretty much the perfect outfit for the day and I could adjust the sleeves or put of the denim shirt to adjust to the weather conditions throughout the day, so I could focus on enjoying the music – and that I did. Although realising that your favorite bands from your teens are now pushing 50 kinda made me feel old… Greenday were definitely the highlight and never fail to go out of their way to be entertaining.

I’ve done up some outfits boards in the past with suggested plus size festival outfits – see them here, or you can check out what I wore to Soundwave and Big Day Out last year.

Do you have festival-what-to-wear anxiety, or have you nailed your look? I’d love to hear what you last wore, or would wear to a music festival…

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  1. I don’t go to festivals, I get too anxious with the crowds, the only one I’ve been to was when I was younger, and it was a pop festival called Rumba. I love seeing your styling posts for them though, and also, I have the same problem with my shoulders, I’m kind of glad I’m not the only one!
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