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So 2 of my 5 orders for Black Friday/Cyber Monday in the US were from Forever21. Instead of going with postage directly with Forever 21 (which I have done many times before) I decided to use a freight forwarding service as I planned to order from a few US based retailers at the same time. Read more on my freight forwarding experience here.

Let’s get down to business, here’s a taste what I got!

Boogie Nights Romper


I ordered a XL and the fit is PERFECT – I can’t rave enough about the fit of Forever 21 plus jumpsuits and playsuits – they definitely have more room along the torso and are super comfortable. This romper has a good amount of stretch and has been kept super simple with only a button detail on one shoulder. The shorts sit at a comfortable length, and the fit is on par with an Australian or UK straight size 16/18 (Target or Dorothy a Perkins) or an Australian Plus size 14 or XS (City Chic or Autograph).

I’ve thrown this on for a quick trip down the shops – but I also see it being able to be dressed up for a night out easily with some glam accessories.

Get it here.

Tropical Goddess Maxi Dress


This cheap and cheery maxi dress is just not for me. I’m not sure what it is – the fit is great – the back is shirred so there is plenty of stretch and it contours for a good bust fit. I like the split and that it’s sheer from the knees down – but there just something about the print. I just don’t think I’ll ever wear it. I have too many things in my wardrobe that I absolutely love, there just no room to hang onto something that I’m just not sure about…

Get it here.

Standout Circle Print Jumpsuit


Another GREAT fitting jumpsuit from F21+! I love the cut out back – and while I’ve tried it on with a nude singlet, I’d rock this backless number with a black bandeaux bra for a seriously jumpsuit-a-licious night out. The elasticized cuff creates a nice ankle detail as well, and the circle print it really cute. Again, there is plenty of length in the torso on this one. I ordered a XL and it’s the perfect fit.

Get it here.

Micro-Houndstooth Shorts


I’m really happy with the fit of these great shorts – a smidgeon too short to get away with in the office for summer – but I have high hopes of pairing these with tights and a cable knit for winter. They fit like a 14 or XS in a City Chic, or a 16 at Target or Dorothy Perkins.

Get there here

Bombshell Surplice a Lace Romper


I couldn’t wait to wear this beautiful Playsuit on a night out on the city! The lace and chiffon work beautifully together, and it sits perfectly, again with plenty of torso length. There is a little press stud in the cleavage to ensure you stay at least part decent. I’m wearing a skin coloured singlet, but the top half is sheer, and you could wear a black bra for a super sexy date outfit. It comes with a tan belt, so I would pair it with some hot tan shoes to break up the black.

Get it here.

Easy Mineral Wash Bodycon Dress


This dress has a bit more of an easy fit than a strictly bodycon feel – but it still has a lovely shape. It was much much much softer than I was expecting. I’m really loving this dress and I’ve been out of the weekends a few times styled with a simple kimono and some sandals. The dress has plenty of stretch and will quickly become an easy style favourite.

Get it here.

Desert Chic Chiffon Back Vest


You know those items that you lust after and just want… Well this vest was one of those for me. The back is sheer chiffon and I love the asymmetrical zipper and PU detailing. The fit is great, I’m one happy customer with this one, except I have NO IDEA how to style it! It’s so far away from my regular style, I’m going to have to push myself to get some wear out of it.

Get it here.

Show Off Bodycon Dress


So i tossed up whether or not to include this dress in the haul post because, I have no doubt, it will get it’s own dedicated post at some point! The fit on this dress is fantastic! I cannot believe that a stunning dress like this was only $30! I adore wearing sequin dresses, but my poor arms don’t
… When I saw this dress, I knew I had to make it mine and I had high hopes for the sleeves as some protection from the sequins. I was worried it would be flimsy and shred under a little bit of pressure, but I was very pleasantly surprised to find the mesh to be quite sturdy.

I’m certainly not surprised to find out that this dress is already sold out – but I hope they will restock it soon so more of you have a chance to own it. Fit is perfect, I ordered a XL and it fits like a glove!

Keep your eyes peeled next week when I will share my Big Day Out outfit – which also came from this order! I’m so exciting about the new items in my wardrobe! Is there anything your lusting after at Forever 21?
Any tips for styling that chiffon back vest?? I’d love to hear them!

18 thoughts on “Forever 21 Plus – sizing review

  1. Great haul, the couture looks great on you. Even the floral dress that you don’t luff.

    Re: the vest, I would do a biker-chic look with it.
    I would wear it zipped with a black lacy bra/singlet underneath. or a nude singlet to show off the chiffon. Show a bit of cleavage
    skinny black/denim jeans
    Sharp high heels
    chunky cuffs/bold earrings in dark colour.
    Lippy in red or mac rebel. Hair slick/quiffed.

    for daytime, vest/white singlet/lighter colour skinny jeans/flats or sandals.

    A black and white stripy body-con dress underneath would work.
    The dress you have on with it looks good too.

        1. It’s just that now that I self hosted my blog – I don’t have a login ID for any of the choices you need to sign into in order to comment. When I get a sec, I will sign up for one πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Jo,
    I stumbled across your blog when googling info about Forever21+ sizing. I really want to order a couple of pieces from there…just a few tees and a sweater but I am SO confused about sizing. I normally wear an 18-20AU depending on the material (usually order a 18-20 off ASOS), and am most often a M in City Chic. What size would you suggest ordering from F21+?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Jo,

    I also purchased the Desert Chic Chiffon Back Vest online. I have just worn this to the BDO in Melbourne, paried with F21+ denim shorts and a long sleeve black top (coldish day). It was a great outfit! I have also paired the jacket with a singlet and patterned pants and again with a simple long black dress.
    Possibilities are endless!

    1. I thought about wearing it to Big Day Out – but it felt a little like I was dressed in a costume… I think it’s just because it’s so far from my usual style…. I will push through and get used to it πŸ™‚
      Thanks for commenting!

  4. I have been thinking about moving up to plus size: I am a size 14 and I want more coverage and support when I wear my clothes. I searched EVERYWHERE for a review on forever21 plus sizing and I finally found it here! Thank you so much and I love love love the black sequin dress.

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