Wearing Harem Pants in the Office


Or should I say… How to get away with wearing Harem Pants in the office.

I was a latecomer to the Harem pant trend – with extra fabric around my hips, they went against all my rules as a pear-shaped girl. When I finally decided to try on a pair, I realized, not only did they look great, but they were probably the most comfortable style of pants I had ever worn (apart from PJ’s and track pants). But I always wondered, could I get away with something so comfortable at work? Here are my tips for getting away with wearing Harem Pants in the Office.


Find the right ones for your body

They should sit comfortably on your waist, begin tapering below the knee, and finish at your ankle. You particularly need to watch out for camel toe (hopefully I don’t need to explain that) and drumsticking (where the legs start slimming too high, at or above the knee, and it makes your legs look like chicken drumsticks). If, like me, either of these are happening, you may need to get Harem style pants cut with the curvy girl in mind. Think 17 Sundays, City Chic, Autograph, ASOS Curve, Cooper St Plus, and of course Christine Kardashian.


Quality Fabric

This one is so important, yet so often overlooked. When I say “Quality Fabric” what I mean is… Noone can see your underwear when you bend over. Harem pants are stretchy – when fabric stretches, the fibers move away from each other and decrease the density of the fabric. Seriously, bend over in front of a well lit mirror, if you can see your knickers, they are not for the office.

Balance your Body

This one is big for me – if I’m adding extra material to my hips – I like to balance that out with a blazer – the structured shoulders help balance out the bottom heavy fabric. This Blazer from Dorothy Perkins nips in at the perfect place, creating an exaggerated hour glass shape. The flare/peplum also helps to smooth out the line between my top and pants.

I have also gone for a patterned blazer and statement necklace to draw the eye upwards.


Avoid the I Dream of Genie temptation

Especially when wearing Harem Pants in the office, I avoid anything that make them look costume-y. This means heels, not strappy sandals or ballet flats. This means simple, or tribal jewelry – I avoid wearing gold. Particularly chunky gold. I also avoid bangles and dangly earrings, ditto for headbands. Oh, and liquid eyeliner. Really, I avoid anything reminiscent of a genie costume.

I have gone for a matte silver statement necklace with a tribal feel, and black heels.


Harem Pants: Christine Kardashian gifted
Singlet: Kmart
Blazer: Dorothy Perkins
Heels: Torrid

Christine Kardasian is a designer label focussing on catering for the in-between scene – those girls between the sizes of 12 and 18. These Harem Pants were kindly sent to me for review, and I fell in love with them. I have been searching for a long time for Harem pants that check all of my boxes. All content, photographs and opinions are my own. 

Are you brave enough to rock some Harem Pants in the Office? If you do – don’t forget to upload a pic to Instagram and use the hashtag #icurvystreetstyle.

12 thoughts on “Wearing Harem Pants in the Office

  1. Oh my freakin’ god you are rocking that outfit! I am totally crushing on you right now!
    I am after some harem /peg pants, and I can look like the side of a house in the wrong pair.
    They can look really glam, dressed up and with a decent pair of heels.
    Luff luff luff.

  2. You SO good in this outfit!! I pretty sure I don’t rock harem pants in the same way. After reading this blog, I was feeling very lazy for casual Friday and wore my Kmart black harem pants to work and broke your rules! Ballet flats, the fabric is probably a little on the thin side, I was even wearing a necklace in Arabic lettering (but it was new gift so its my fave) I love my cheapy Kmart ones. So comfy, I wear them all the time. I’d love to get a decent pair.

    1. Oh don’t get me wrong – I’ve rocked my kmart ones on casual Friday too! With gold buckle flat gypsy sandals. My tips were more about getting away with them on your corporate days 🙂 I bet you looked smashing x

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