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Edit August 2015: the City Chic Campbeltown Factory Outlet is closed. There are three NSW Clearance Stores: Minto, Alexandria and Erina. 

I’m still refraining from shopping myself as part of the Shop What You Got Challenge, but there’s nothing wrong with a little window shopping. On Saturday afternoon I headed out to the City Chic Factory Outlet in Campbeltown Sydney to see what they had on offer at the moment.


I was excited to see that the space at Brands On Sale for City Chic has *doubled*! Ok, it’s not the most efficient system they have in there with the cash registers, and not being able to bring stock from one side to the other, but the sheer volume of stock on offer is impressive…


Before I get to the really good stuff (what’s in stock!), I think it’s worth noting that a lot of the stock is more expensive than it used to be in the factory outlet. 12 months ago, it would be rare to find anything over the $40mark, including the beautiful formal dresses. Most stock was priced between $10-$40. Now, I feel the price point has crept up slightly, with most stock between $20-$80. Don’t get me wrong – the discounts are still fantastic. The stock that is reduced to $80 is still over 50% off! But it used to be serious bargain basement pricing, and I think it’s a little bit more expensive. Maybe (and this is based purely on my own opinion, no factual evidence) this means that at ‘sale’ time they will drop their prices down to what they used to be. Traditionally, I have not found it worth it to go to the City Chic Factory Outlet when the high street stores are on sale – there was very little stock and it was similar to in-store pricing. Anyway, that’s my little commentary on pricing. I will monitor it and let you know if I’m able to come across anything concrete on that one…

So, what’s in stock?

A lot of blazers and jackets! Floral blazers in a full myriad of colours and patterns, black blazers, zip me blazers, military style jackets. Ranging in price from $40 – $80. As it was a work related purchase, I walked away with the plain black Zip Me Blazer (the bottom half zips off so it can be worn as a crop jacket or full blazer) for $40. I also bought this Harlequin top that I tried on in-store ages ago and loved – for only $20!

So only a few small purchases – but I could have bought a while lot more! I tried on a great Striped Skirt with exposed zipper ($30), a Floral Peplum ($30), some patterned Harem Pants ($40?) and an awesome off-shoulder Monochrome Maxi ($40). Some of the prices are hard to tell as there are different prices written on different items. I’m told they will all scan the same though.


So, what else was there that I was loving?


They say a picture tells a thousand words, so I took a few sneaky pics of the stock so you could suss it out for yourself! I will make special mention of the Sequin Love Pencil Skirt was there – only sizes M-XL were available, but at only $30 it was a freaking steal!




Anyway – I’ll leave it there – if you are in the Sydney area – it’s definitely worth the trip out to the Campbeltown Brands on Sale complex to visit the City Chic Factory Outlet. It’s a great way to get your hands in discount City Chic clothing and the staff are really lovely to boot!

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