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The Shop What You Got Challenge starts in a few days!! A challenge designed to get you rediscovering your own wardrobe and pushing your styling skills – want to find out more? Click here.

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With only a few days to go… I’m still struggling with this question; Where do I start?

It’s a great question (if i do say so myself).

Others in the challenge are sensible. They have a spreadsheet. They have some method. I’m more of a madness kinda girl.

So, I’ve narrowed it down to about 60 items – half of which must be culled by the end of the week. Its going to be a draining week. knowing me, I’ll leave it to the last-minute and end up with 9 pairs of shoes but only one top. It’s a scary thought….

So, what are my selection criteria? (Umm, obvious I work in HR?)

1. Non BORING. Ok, so I understand that I must have staple pieces – but I don’t want to spend the month wearing plain on plain. I will fail if I feel uninspired by my style options.

2. Scenario planning. I wrote a list of all the events I went to last month and have tried to see if I have an outfit combo I would be happy to wear. Something for a corporate event, a pub dinner, a BBQ, a blogging event, work, rest, play…

3. Interchangeable-ness. I realise that’s not a word, but it describes the concept – this going with this, and this and that. I’m trying not to pre-plan too many outfits – for me, that takes the fun out of getting dressed each day. Although it may assist me in getting to work earlier if I tried a little more planning in my life.

4. Challenge pieces – those pieces I bought because I loved, but rarely wear because… I don’t really know why… But I’m throwing a couple of them in. Necessity is the mother of invention.

5. Back to non-boring. I’m really concerned about this bit of the challenge. When it comes to my clothing, my husband describes it as ADHOS – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity… Oh Shiny! That is… I’m easily distracted by the beautiful clothes I have hanging in the wardrobe.

How are you going with your items?

Don’t forget to grab the button so people know you are playing along! It links back to the rules page:

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