ASOS Returns… My Experience

So here’s something you should know about me – I live in chaos. Not because I can’t live without mess, I actually like a bit of mess around. This is important background information as it helps to explain why I’m so damn impressed with my returns experience with ASOS.

I have never returned an online shopping purchase before (by mail). I’ve either gone in-store, given it away, or sold it. But given that ASOS has a Sydney based mail returns address, and there were quite a few things to return, I thought I would give it a whirl.

So the Returns Policy is 28days from the date you received the delivery. Here is where my chaos got in the way. I had repackaged up my returns and popped them in the corner of the bedroom, ready for a day when I could pop down to the post office. Then life happened. 30 odd days of chaos later, I found the returns pile neatly buried under a manic “I-have-no-idea-what-to-wear-today” pile of clothes. Eeek!

I thought, what the hell – it’s worth a shot, so I skipped down to the post office, and $8.50 later my package was on its way. Hot Tip– turn your ASOS delivery bag inside out, bang on the label and seal it up! Free postage bag!

The instructions said that it could take up to 10days to process, but less than 24 hours later, I had an email confirming my return, and another day later – the refund is back in my account – talk about customer service!

I couldn’t be more impressed!

Thanks ASOS for a pleasant returns experience.

This is weird. A post without a picture. Ok, here’s a picture of me from a couple weeks ago when I went to the ice hockey. Why yes, it is random and completely unrelated. It’s not even ASOS. But I did warn you that I like a little bit of chaos *cue evil laugh*


Dress: Best & Less
Scarf: Kmart
Stockings: Target
Boots: Torrid
Beanie: Etsy
Necklace: eQuip

5 thoughts on “ASOS Returns… My Experience

  1. I emailed asos about a product I bought over two months ago to let them know that it shrunk and was unwearable. 24 hours later they emailed back and I was refunded the money!!! They said I didn’t have to send back the garment either!!!

  2. I had my first experience with Asos returns a few weeks ago and it was SO easy. Their instructions were clear, for a little extra the courier came and picked it up from my work, and they contacted me straight away to confirm my refund. I was super-impressed (and I’m also one that doesn’t return stuff!).

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