Style Me Friday {Crop Top}

Crop Tops are so far outside my comfort zone I seriously considered sitting this week out.

There are plenty of curvy bloggers who have absolutely rocked this look – its a lot to live up to… Add that to the fact that I don’t own any Crop Tops so was hoping to be able to make something ‘work’ from my existing collection, and this week was setting up to be one almighty challenge. Oh yeah, and then there the whole ‘belly out’ thing – I’ve never done that in public. I’ve never even done that around the house! I always always wear long tops, and keep my midriff under wraps. I was really tempted to sit this one out.

Then, there was a bit of soul searching… About how comfortable I was with my body, about the reasons I decided to try fashion challenges, and mostly about the idea of a comfort zone. The more and more I thought about my “comfort zone”… The more uncomfortable it made me! Really, my comfort zone was a bunch of labels I put on myself, a bunch of limits and rules about how I should look and what I should do… So, that soul searching led me to this moment, about to head out in public in a crop top – mostly to prove a point to myself about comfort zones – I can be such a bully sometimes…

Taking inspiration from the most fabulous Curvy Fashionista I decided to try the crop look over a high waisted pencil skirt (the Internet just ain’t ready for my belly jelly!)





Top: New Look
Skirt: Aztec Midi Skirt from New Look
Boots: Rubi Shoes



4 thoughts on “Style Me Friday {Crop Top}

  1. Yaaay! I am SO HAPPY you participated. You totally got the look right. I know crop tops can be scary, but they aren’t necessarily about showing off the midriff as much as they are about the cropped style…so wearing it with a super high-waisted skirt totally works! LOVE IT!

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