A Peek Inside… My Trash the Dress!

Trash the Dress… Drown the Dress… call it what you may… it was a hell of a lot of fun…


So the day after my wedding in Fiji (read everything you never really wanted to know about my wedding here), my new husband and I, literally let our hair down and had a load of fun shooting a ‘Trash the Dress’ session.

I decided to have a much more natural look for these photos – I let my hair go curly (I think these are the first photos I have ever posted on my blog where I have not straightened or pulled back my hair!), wore very little makeup, no petticoat, no hoop, and no spanx!

I love these photos – and they were a lot of fun to shoot.

and my dress? Actually came up much cleaner than after the wedding!

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We received a few safety briefings before jumping into the ocean, we had a friend do several practice jumps and scout out any dangerous areas, we knew where we could and couldn’t jump… But no one reminded me to smile! I look terrified! There’s no going back, but I do wish I had smiled for the jump 🙂

8 thoughts on “A Peek Inside… My Trash the Dress!

  1. I absolutely love that jumping photo you look like you are have fun not terrified lol
    Please tell me you have some of these blown up and your walls at home

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