A Peek Inside… My (Plus size) Wedding

It turns out, that despite all my wonderful outfit posts (well I think they are wonderful) the most popular photo on my blog is actually a little picture of my from my wedding!


So, I’m giving the people what they want… A peek inside my wedding πŸ™‚


My husband and I met in 2006 in a beginners Snowboarding class in France. We lived together in London before moving back home to Australia. We got engaged in 2008, and we knew we wanted to have a destination wedding! We decided on Fiji, and gave all of our family and friends 2 years notice that on 20/10/2010 we would be married on he Coral Coast of Fiji.

We had 80 of our family and closest friends travel to Fiji for our wedding and it was seriously the best week of our lives!

The search for a plus size wedding dress was not a difficult one for me… A had a fabulous experience at all four dress shops that I went to – not once did I feel judged because I was plus size – each of the girls went out of their way to make sure I tried on any style that I wanted. I have to make special mention of the team at Dress Sense in Miranda NSW, those girls unpicked dresses to get them over my hips – the were all seamstresses and nothing was too much trouble. So, after allowing me to try on all the beachy flowy dresses I wanted, the seamstress asked me to try on one for her – apart from the bit of sparkly bling – it was nothing like the dress I thought I wanted. It was strapless, it was A-line, it had a sweetheart neckline, it was a corset – and it was perfect. Blew everything else I tried on out of the water. I got straps added to the dress for a bit of extra support, but I was in love!


I had my sister, my sister-in-law and my best friend as my bridesmaids – and I found them great colourful maxi dresses from Sussans (of all places!), in fact these dresses were the very first wedding-related thing that was purchased and the entire colour scheme for the wedding was based on these dresses!


Now, the groomsmen had quite a lot of fun… I had their shirts custom made to match the girls dresses.


While the girls were getting ready, the boys relaxed and enjoyed the view (and a beer)

I did my own hair and makeup on the day – this also helped me hold back the tears during the ceremony as I didn’t want to have to fix my makeup!


The day was perfect, and we had the most fabulous time….




I also did a Trash the Dress session the next day… I’ll post those photos soon.

Hope you enjoyed the peek inside my wedding!

11 thoughts on “A Peek Inside… My (Plus size) Wedding

  1. Awww, you look gorgeous! It’s amazing how you go out thinking you want one thing, but sometimes the perfect dress is something different. I love the colours in the bridesmaids dresses.

  2. Possibly Dressense have picked up their game since I got married, as I had one of the most humiliating experiences of my life at that store when I was dress shopping. However, you do look gorgeous and happy and I love your wedding date – very cute. And I agree, many girls I know ended up with something different than they had in mind.

    1. Oh no! That’s horrible πŸ™ I had one humiliating experience in another store when it was suggested that I should bring along a “normal sized friend” to try on the dresses.

  3. Hi Jo,
    Just curious what size your wedding dress was? I’m currently shopping for mine & you looked so great in an A-line, which is not something I’ve ever considered before! But hey, stepping out of your comfort zone is usually a very rewarding experience so it seems silly of me not to try one on πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Sunny! How exciting! My dress ended up being custom made, but instore I think I was trying on a 24? But I’m not sure. The ladies would just put the dress on me πŸ™‚ sorry! Good luck finding your dress x

  4. AWWWWW you looked so amazing – what a beautiful set of photos and I LOVE that you did your own hair and makeup (also you are very clever, that hair is awesome).

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