Review: Forever 21

So, I make no secret of the fact that I am an online shopping addict. Recently I’ve lost a bit of weight, so have stepped up my shopping efforts 🙂 ASOS, City Chic, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Autograph, Virtu and eBay are my usual online haunts… But that just isn’t cutting it at the moment.

I stick to Australian and UK online retailers due to the reasonable postage costs. But what’s on offer in the US is so fabulous, I lust on the websites and save my pennies for orders. I have done the occasional order from Torrid and GAP/Old Navy in the past, but I had never ordered from Forever 21 before – and it’s always a gamble with sizing first time you order, and at $60 for postage – an expensive gamble at that!

Item 1

Lets start with the whole reason for the order – the sequin Bronze dress… Cap sleeves, body con, exposed zipper, and most importantly… Sparkle sparkle sparkle! And at $35, even if you add the whole $60 for postage of the entire package of clothes – it’s a bargain and there’s just nothing like available in Australia.


Size Ordered: 1X
Price: $35

Quality: So, I’m quite impressed with the quality, thick fabric, great sequin coverage and they are secured decently. Not outstanding – but what do you expect for that price?!

Sizing: this is a body con dress which is totally out of my comfort zone. Currently I wear a size S or XS in City Chic, a 20 in straight sizes (think Target). My new City Chic Work pants are a 16, but they only just (just just) fit at the waist. I ordered this dress in a 1x. Honestly, I took a stab at sizing. I still have a bit more weight to loose, so it fits, and my look decent with some spanx, but I’d probably like to be a definite City Chic XS (straight store 18) before I comfortably wore it out in public. Which is perfect as I have a friends wedding in April and I think it would be awesome… So, size verdict for me: Forever 21 1x = City Chic XS ( but if you are not a great big pear like me, it may be a CC small)…

Overall: Stoked!

Item 2

Next up, the item which made me sure I HAD to put my order through – Geo print pleat skirt. Totally 70s feel and colour.


Size Ordered: 1X
Price: $23

Quality: Overall happy, little scratchy, good quality pleats which are tight at the top, and relaxed at the edge. Skirt is fully lined, good quality waist band. Side zipper.

Sizing: I ordered a 1x. I would say it is equivalent to a CC16 or straight size 20.

Overall: with the skirt – so very happy. When I pulled it out of the box at my office, it got oooohhss and aaahhhss from my colleagues. I’m still a little unsure how I will style this number… Stay tuned for when I figure it out 🙂

Item 3

The Metallic Knit Blazer was an impulse inclusion as it was on super sale. Only $12 for this Blazer, no collar. On the website it looked a lot more muted, bit it’s definitely GOLD.


Size Ordered: 1X
Price: $15

Quality: Lined, a little scratchy. I think it will pull easily. Can’t complain for $15

Size: fits well now and easily does up. Ordered a 1X but I would say its the equivalent of a CC Small jacket – plenty of room in the arms, which is a nice surprise.

Overall: It was an impulse buy – I have no idea where, or how I would wear this… It’s much more gold than the online photos.


Item 4

Ok, so there were more purchases, but we will stop here for now with the Spiked Shoulder Ombré Jumper.



Size Ordered: 1X
Price: $23

Quality: Love

Size: Love. This jumper is oversized, I ordered a 1x and would fit a CC small.

Overall: Love Love Love, totally fierce and could not be happier.

So, one very happy online shopper here 🙂 with a whole lot of new clothes 🙂


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