Good bye is the hardest word…

Well two words. whatever. Saying goodbye to favorite clothes 🙁 does anyone else feel sad?

I have a husband-imposed mid season clear-out of clothes today as a lot of it is a bit too big and doesn’t fit. I am fine if I sell them, or give them to someone else to have a new fabulous life… But what about those items that have done their dash 🙁

I have a size 22 Calvin Klein dress. I never thought I would ever own a designer dress like that, it’s jersey with pleat trim and little pockets. I wore it proudly and many many times. And unfortunately with all that loving wear, has come many many pils…

So am I just supposed to throw it out? Seems criminal to do that to such a rare item. It’s a plus size Calvin Klein dress for Pete’s sake!

Emotional roller coaster in my closet today. Saying goodbye to old friends is hard 🙁


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