Double-take Friday


Ahh Friday. How I love you despite the dilemmas you bring. As the only acceptable day to wear jeans at my work – I like to take full advantage – but I can’t look too casual – so how to you do casual, without being too casual? And then, without bringing a whole change of clothes, how do I transition that outfit to dinner or drinks later that night.

Its hard to find that balance – an outfit which looks professional/casual during the day, and chic for night.

This was today’s solution.

The building blocks

So I started with a Oxblood Peplum Singlet from New Look and my Torrid jeans.


Day Look

Because I wear a lanyard that must be displayed at all times at work, I avoid wearing statement necklaces – and I also feel like sometimes when I wear statement necklace and jeans – I look a little too ‘club’ for the office. So I went for simple gold studs from Diva.

Even the fabulousness of Friday couldn’t stop it from raining, so I opted for my oversize Crossroads Fairisle Knit and a thin elastic belt from a city chic dress. I sit at a desk or in meetings most of the day, so if I wear a belt – it has to have a bit of give.

Kmart black lace flats finish off my day look 🙂


Night Look


Boots, a statement Necklace and a crop Leather jacket and I’m ready to hit the town.

20130215-111922.jpgI love these knee-high Torrid boots. Grey suede, small heel, cute button details – and nice wide calves so they do actually come all the way up to my knees!

This leather crop jacket is a City Chic favorite and the necklace is a bargin from Etsy.



So here is it, my Friday Day-to-Night Double Take


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