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Yeah, I wrote a purple post. I also wrote a swimwear post. Neither got published. Mainly because I haven’t been happy with the photos – but for the first time in my life (that I can remember) my hesitation was not about the way I look in the photos – but more generally composition/quality type issues. That’s major for me – to not look at a photos and hate them. I honestly believe that the Aussie Curves community has helped inspire that change in my mindset. So thank you ladies – for you confidence, your positivity, your support for each other, and your fabulous fabulous fashion πŸ™‚

Yes, I would prefer to crack out my SLR, and tripod, and head to the park, or a garden, or beach, or somewhere even remotely related to this weeks theme – but, better posted than forever sitting in draft mode waiting for great photos… So, I apologise for the iPhone-mirror-selfies, taken late night, in my walk-in-wardrobe. But I have decided to seize the day, and post the photos.

Aussie Curves is a weekly photo challenge for Australian and New Zealander Plus Size Bloggers and Fashionistas size 14+. This week’s theme is Nature. So, immediately I saw visions of a beautiful maxi-dress, in a field, maybe with one of those great flower headbands… But then I saw this floral blazer and needed an excuse to buy it – I have a self imposed shopping ban active at the moment – which was put into place because of my lack of shopping self control. Which considering I purchased the blazer, me-thinks the ban may not be such an effective control mechanism…

This fabulous Floral Blazer did not break the bank, at only $20 from Kmart (they had a tonne of them). It’s from their straight size line – I’m wearing an 18 – usually my arms are too big for straight sizes, but I was pleasantly surprised by this Kmart gem. It’s fully lined, and nips in at the waist. I’m super happy with this blazer and excited for winter. I wanted a top that wouldn’t compete with the blazer, so picked up this bargain grey singlet for $4 in Kmart.


The jeans are my favorites from Torrid. I need to order more, but the postage costs (and shopping ban) are holding me back for the moment.


Blazer: Kmart
Singlet: Kmart
Jeans: Torrid
Flats: you can’t see them, but I am wearing black lace flats from Kmart.
Necklace: Etsy


16 thoughts on “Aussie Curves {Nature}

  1. I haven’t been posting via AC for very long either but I love seeing first posts from people. It’s so uplifting to read of people changing their mindset.
    Anyway, adore the jacket. Spewing it doesn’t come in bigger sizes. You look amazing in it. πŸ™‚

  2. Gosh you are just to adorable. I don’t wear flowers often but the colours in your jacket could almost make me reconsider πŸ™‚ I only use my iPhone for pics so don’t be to tough on yourself, post away and join in on the fun. I’m new too, it’s awesome having new people join each week. Looking forward to your next post.

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