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Today I’m at Big Day Out, but lets face it – I couldnt really give a toss about any of the other bands playing here because tonight is my first time seeing RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS!!!!! I would be the most excited person at the BDO – other than my husband, who decided to wear boardshorts today incase he wet himself with excitment when RHCP came on stage (overshare :S)

Buying neon yellow shorts was a big deal for me – I dont think I have worn ‘fashion’ shorts in maybe 20 years – and that is a rough estimation becasue I’m pretty sure they were brightly coloured lycra shorts, I was under the age of 8, and wasnt in a position to choose my own outfit (thanks mum). So, shorts was a big deal, but neon yellow shorts was, for me, a bold step.

But see – the courage actually came from the necklace (from Diva) that I became obsessed with, and HAD to have…. and when I came across shorts that were the same colour – it was a match made in heaven. Matchy-matchy heaven.

These lace converse style shoes from New Look were also a must have in the pre-chistmas sales, and at 30% off, dont mind if I do…!

Although its 47degrees out here at the festival, and ‘naked’ seems to be the raging trend for the day, I added a hat and sunnies, and about 6 liters of sunscreen, and am having a ball!!

So, here is my outfit for the day:

Top: City Chic
Shorts: City Chic
Necklace: Diva
Shoes: New Look
Hat: cotton on


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