Airport Chic

The day is finally here – off for 2 weeks to Japan with my husband, my bestie and her boyfriend!!

Choosing what to wear today has been quite difficult. Leaving a Sydney Summer and arriving to a Japanese winter – thats roughly a 40degrees (celcius) difference! Lucky (outfit-wise, not sleep-wise) we have an early morning flight, so I was hoping that it wouldn’t heat up in Sydney too much before we left.

So, here is the outfit I decided to go with… This jumper dress is from Old Navy. I had a really good experience online shopping with GAP and Old Navy recently. While postage was still expensive, it was not nearly as expensive as Torrid or Forever 21 and the quality has been excellent. Warmth like you just cant get in Australia (especially when you are shopping out of season!). You will notice a reoccuring Cable Knit theme in my Japan posts – I am a little obsessed at the moment 🙂

These tights were an impulse buy from New Look when I was purchasing (online…again) a big order and wanted to qualify for free postage. They were only 10pounds (just under $20) and are leather look leggings. Great fit, totally comfortable and great for that balance between comfort and style in the sky.

The boots arefrom Ezibuy and are part of their Wide-calf range. I dont find their wide calf range to be that wide – but thats just me. I certainly couldnt fit into them when I was bigger – only that I have dropped a couple kilos that I can get them up. I love that they are flat and ruched so even if I cant get them the whole way up, it doesnt look too bad.

Dress: Old Navy
Tights: New Look
Boots: Ezibuy
Handbag: New Look


Bon Voyage!!!! Xx


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